Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucky board and I got so lucky!

Nice huh? Want it now? Scroll more =P

Alright, I would like to thank the The Poupee hunt because this hunt lead me to this shop where got bunch of lucky boards with skins. Would you believe that all these skins are from lucky boards? I bet not because they are all cool to be free but yes! they are free :) You need patience tho to get your luck xD. 
Here is the other set. 
We all got different shapes so this skin might look weird on your shape but if you want exactly to look like this you should buy the  Doriana shape from [EY:NO].
You all should visit this Mother Goose now before its too late cause any time soon they might remove it :( 
Enjoy the skins <3 <3 <3 and share this blog to help the others :)