Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why are we... talking to each other again

Shag Goodbye Hair by Sebastien Aries
LeLutka 2011 Lashes long by Thora Charron
Vive Nine Sure Shocker Thick Eye Liner in Blue by Sanya Bilavio free
AlterEgo Trendsetter LipStick - Call Girl Red by Toxxic Rhiannyr
DeeTaleZ Prim Teeth Perfect only upper by Steffi Villota ♥Ne௰♥
ShadZ Rainbow Stripes Sunglasses by Enzo Davies ♥Ne௰♥
Persefona Braid Red Earring by Persefona ♥Ne௰♥ @ XYROOM June
BUKKA iPod nano Ear phone by Yano Hyun lucky board
Grasp Koakuma Hoodie by Asalt Eames ♥Ne௰♥
TOWN Sexy Mesh Skirt by Lluis Indigo ♥Ne௰♥
BUKKA iPod touch Limited by Yano Hyun lucky board
DeeTaleZ Red Nylon tights 2 by Steffi Villota
Mr.Poet Leather Backpack by Hiwinyu Fazuku
LEO-NTCoffee to Go by Lady Leonard group gift
Scrub Nails Zip by Ramon Jonstone
Le Primitif Dead Cattle Ring [FloraL] by Yani Tryce ♥Ne௰♥ @ XYROOM June
DeeTaleZ Black wool socks by Steffi Villota
ISON Studded Girl panic boots by Harry Hyx ♥Ne௰♥

Vive Nine Ironed Poses 2 by Vo Pralou
Quintessencia Pose Drop It Low - Kat Deluna 08 by Leeh Alter
evolve Adorbs01 Pose by bellastarr.fhang

Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh my God! your panties are falling!

Lol after a week finally got new entry. Thanks to my friends for doing it with me :) Got stuck on our land... lol. But its all good. Any suggestions where we can rez our poseball? hihihi. Heres the quick preview of some of our new stuffs :)
LoQ Hair Bonomo by Gia Pawpad ♥Ne௰♥ @TDR blue
ShadZ Bob does not care - Flat top sunglasses by Enzo Davies ♥Ne௰♥
AlterEgo Trendsetter LipStick #7 - French Kiss by Toxxic Rhiannyr
SCRUB Death Cameo Earrings by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
SCRUB Black&Gold Cameo Necklace by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
Baiastice Heather Mesh Shirt by Sissy Pessoa ♥Ne௰♥ @TDR blue
Shush Jumpsuit belt by Avy Fhang new
GoK Crimple Pants Yellow by Gok Artis ♥Ne௰♥
Mad Echo Rainbow Nails by Kitten Mai dollarbie
[DDL] Toca Para Mi (Bracelet) by Melina Anatine  group gift
The Plank leLeather - LeYellow (With Chain) Bag by Aeon Perian
Tee*fy Color Blocking Wedges by Azure Electricteeth ♥Ne௰♥ @TDR blue

Lelutka Daisy Hair by Thora Charron ♥Ne௰♥
Tram chain headband by Moca Loup
ShadZ Sexy Bitch - Classic Sunglasses by Enzo Davies ♥Ne௰♥
HUCCI huccih.s.w tank dress by Eboni Khan ♥Ne௰♥
MUSCHI Panties down (mesh) by Debora Stine ♥Ne௰♥
SCRUB Purple Fusion Nails by Ramon Jonstone subscriber gift
Similar Barefeet by Larisa Tylman

booN GGL309 hair by boo Nakamura
Gos Custom Eyeware v3.2 - AVIATOR by Gospel Voom
chronokit Sportswear01 by Kit Pizzicato ♥Ne௰♥
not so bad  mesh VINCE jeans by Emilie Freund
SOREAL Superstars Shoes by  Kwamey Pinion

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dont you love yourself?

booN DPY537 hair chestnut by Boo Nakamura
booN Pull up hairbase by Boo Nakamura
DeeTaleZ Prim Teeth gap only upper by Steffi Villota ♥Ne௰♥
ShadZ  I <3 ME - Flat top sunglasses by Enzo Davies ♥Ne௰♥
Lil Things Black Cross Earrings and Necklace by Lillyrose Delicioso
C'est Moi! Shopper bag I love Nerds by Marcantonio Beaumont
DeeTaleZ Open laces dress by Steffi Villota
DeeTaleZ Wool socks by Steffi Villota
Chloe - Pumps Melissa Mesh R White by Princesacindy Bravitz ♥Ne௰♥
Winter Beware The Wind Pose by Winter Viper free

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally! They are in my hands.

OMG this is the new released sneakers by IvY Falmer owner of LooP. I love them so much with easy menus for color changing and specially for resizing. With these great textures everyone would definitely love it too. DeeTaleZ, when I saw their new skin at their store I was like :O omg I must have that one! And yes finally I got it! It is Gitana Skin with complete ad ons in every skin tone. Isnt she gorgeous :) Visit DeeTaleZ mainstore for more skin tone options. For the jacket I recommend to grab this one from [nn] store by  Naraia Noriega. It is a mesh jacket just to add up with your fashion style. This one will fit any body sizes :)

booN TUN247 hair by boo Nakamura
DeeTaleZ Skin Gitana No.3 Spring by Steffi Villota ♥Ne௰♥
DeeTaleZ Freckles Darker (add on) by Steffi Villota ♥Ne௰♥
REDGRAVE Eyelashes -39- Luscious by Viola Leigh
[ PXL ] Open Mouth Teeth (add on) by Hart Larsson
CheerNo Glasses MARLEY* Roxo by Cheerno Destiny @ The Dressing Room
Lil Things Black Cross Earring by Lillyrose Delicioso
Lil Things Black Cross Chain by Lillyrose Delicioso
LooP Knot Necklace by IvY Falmer ♥Ne௰♥
Scrub Supreme Nails by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
[nn] Leather Jacked Mesh by Naraia Noriega ♥Ne௰♥
coldLogic Top Spring Black by coldLogic subscriber gift
mon tissu Cuffed Denim Shorts by Anouk Spot
DeeTaleZ Tights nylon black ripped by Steffi Villota
LooP Summi sneaker by IvY Falmer ♥Ne௰♥

What I do before I blog ♥

Okay heres what I do before I blog stuffs that I am wearin. Ofcourse bond with friends. If there is one thing that I shouldnt miss is that to have fun with them no matter how busy I am. Yup! Thats right! I stop all my things just for them :) Lets talk about the photo above. Thats my mom(Sheba Cyberstar) in Second Life. Yes, the one whos wearing see through  top. Ehhh dont zoom just to see her boobies lol, its so obvious but she doesnt care :O cause shes one hot momma. The one with red is me :) Ill skip mahself lol. The third person is Shaniah... who is she? Oh gosh, another bratty friend. Of all pixels in SL I spend most of the time with her. Shopping? Hunting? Clubbing? and even bore ourselves lol oh I forgot even invading nude beaches lol. Last but not the least.. Ashlyreena... Imma kill her for being spendawhore.. yeah spend alot of lindens and break things up lol. I dont know why the most laggy person like her loves to spend and shop so much lololol even she lags alot. Lag is her karma? lmao, still cant stop her. I just love these girls, loved them for years and will continue loving them. Dont feel so touched, I wont be so dramatic here nyahahaha.
Okay... wont name these guys as part of the G.Bratts cause they might feel awkward haha. The First guy is David.. yep new friend. We captured him from a German club. Pretty nice guy teehee... Just hope I dont annoy him that much cause I talk alot :O The second one is Tuan Quan. Lmao this is our 1st photo after being friends for years. He cheated on me in Go Game but he got lost with another girl bahahaha! Remarkable event for me with him. He is nice and funneh! Hes handsome now hahaha *winks*
Bwahahah mameh wtf are you doing there??? Rushing for photoshoot?
Simply amazing... Taking pictures with shadow is not that easy and fast. I appreciate when these people spent time waiting for final shot. Its not like "Pose and Shot", in SL you have to find the good windlight... not only the windlight but also check if their faces wouldnt be ruined because of the shadows. Love you guys :)
People in these photos: Sheba Bratt, Shaniah Bratt, Ash Harper Bratt, David78 Messerchmitt, Tuan Quan and TintinChina Bratt(me)

Friday, May 18, 2012

that lady in blue!

booN YNO421 hair by Boo Nakamura
REDGRAVE Eyelashes -39- Luscious by Viola Leigh
Swallow Make up Sophie by Luciayes Magic
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss by Stasey Oller
Swallow Teeth Fatima by Luciayes Magic
bellballs essentials Victorian Cross Earrings by Viollette Vyper
Meena Striped Afghan shawl by Trill Zapatero
R2 Fashion Strapless Dress Blue mesh by Rei2 Aya ♥Ne௰♥ @ Collabor 88 May
Ricielli Cowhide Tote Leather Bag mesh by Fhara Acacia Love Mommy Hunt
SKIFIJA Lady Night pumps (Blue dreams) w/9 textures by Goran Osterham ♥Ne௰♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yes, you have my words...

Alice Project Sohee v2 Hair by Alice Demonia
ShadZ USA-Classic Sunglasses by Enzo Davies lucky board
Swallow Lipstick Fatima 7 by Luciayes Magic
Le Lolo Smiling Mesh top by Solostah Scientist ♥Ne௰♥
Loop Skinny Pants by IvY Falmer ♥Ne௰♥
Scrub My Muse Belt by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
Scrub Supreme Nails w/ Cuffs by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
BUKKA iPod touch Limited key holder w/ Earphones by Yano Hyun lucky board
Pelletteria Morrisey Travel handbag Navy by Didi Morrisey lucky board
Smexy CLOGS Fur white by Joice Dreamscape ♥Ne௰♥

Sunday, May 13, 2012

You think you're cooler than me?

G O L A It's mine! Pose by Ransie2 Oleander ♥Ne௰♥
G O L A Nails Pose 02 by Ransie2 Oleander
G O L A Tongue Poses M by Ransie2 Oleander
Alice Project Momo II Bangless Hair by Alice Demonia
Swallow Alena Pale Skin by Luciayes Magic
Swallow Mesh Eyes 3B by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
E-Clispe Design Glasses by Thetra Blackheart past gift
Bellamissimo Hello Kitty Tank Top mesh by Lika Meili ♥Ne௰♥
JustB A-line Skirt mesh by Bee Baroque @Culture Shock 2012
Smexy *JD* Earrings & Bracelet by Joice Dreamscape ♥Ne௰♥
Scrub Denim Nails by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
BenS Beauty Tuci Ring EXCLUSIVE by Snow Martiel ♥Ne௰♥
GoK Anchor Bag by Gok Artis
SKIFIJA Lady Night Pumps by Goran Osterham ♥Ne௰♥

Exile Veronique Hair by Kavar Cleanslate past gift
RONSEM J Hat (mesh) by Eow Reverie 2nd Anniversary Gift
Swallow Fatima Milk Chocolate Skin by Luciayes Magic
Swallow  Mesh Eyes 2 by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
AMD Big Shades by Apple May past hunt
GoK Minnie Love Hate by Gok Artis Fifty Friday 
GoK Mickey Tights by Gok Artis Fifty Friday
Ducknipple Necklace by Beanster Potato @Culture Shock 2012
Pelletteria Morrisey Travel handbag Navy by Didi Morrisey lucky board
D'Sastre ClothingWool socks stripped by Babs Draconia ♥Ne௰♥
Python StarDust Shoes by Rainmind lucky board

Thursday, May 10, 2012

say whaaa?

GOLA Tongue Poses M by Ransie2 Oleander
GOLA Shoes pose 01 by Ransie2 Oleander

RAW HOUSE Raquella Hair by Jay Khaos from old hunt
Elygo Cap Official by Mari0 Capalini Group Gift
Swallow Mesh Eyes (1) by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
I <3FashiOn Sunglasses Deluxe by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
Swallow Fatima  Chocolate Skin by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
GoK American Stars Shirt by Gok Artis @Creative Room
Onyx Wear </3 Mesh Cropped Shirt by Frank Windlow @Culture Shock 2012
Nemesis Voodoo Leggings by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
Swallow Diavoli Black length 2 by by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
Scrub Rockers Nails by Ramon Jonstone
BenS Beauty Glamour Bracelet Bronze by Snow Martiel @XYROOM May
DDL Toca Para Mi Bracelet by Melina Anatine Group Gift
Swallow Mask Gold 3 by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
Carisma Mesh Elegance Bag Paprika 2 by Antonin1 ♥Ne௰♥
I <3FashiOn Impeccable Boot by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥

Swallow Fatima  Chocolate Skin by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

days move so fast...

[elikatira] Quirky Hair by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Swallow Candice Fair Skin by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
Swallow Mesh Eye 3B by Luciayes Magic
coldLogic top - Graham Sunset (mesh) by coldLogic ♥Ne௰♥
mon tissu Cuffed Denim Shorts (mesh) by Anouk Spot
Swallow Diavoli Red Necklace by Luciayes Magic ♥Ne௰♥
vive9 Evonne Fringed Bag w/ Foxtail by Sanya Bilavio from old hunt
Scrub Purple Fusion Nails by Ramon Jonstone Subscriber Gift
RONSEM Bracelet AKATONBO by Eow Reverie Group Gift
Mayden couture Susan Sandals by Mayden Ushimawa

Sunday, May 6, 2012

you make me wanna....

Diesel Works Intimate Pose by Rogan Diesel  @ Culture Shock 2012
Diesel Works Bachasutra Pose by Rogan Diesel @ Culture Shock 2012
SKIFIJA one thing I love about this footwear because of its two options... You can wear it as barefooted or with pumps. Yes 2 options in 1 item, 1 price. The barefoot is a mesh item and it really looks good if we talk about the texture. Visit SKIFIJA to have more choises specially with the heels. SKIFIJA also gives good deal every Friday so better visit the store and find out more :)
Diesel Works Groove Pose by Rogan Diesel @ Culture Shock 2012
evolve Adorbs01 Pose (only the female pose on the right image) by Bellastarr Fhang @ XYROOM May
evolve Adorbs05 Pose (only the female pose) by Bellastarr Fhang @ XYROOM May

On her
[Shag] Pretty Please hair by Sebastien Aries old gift
Nemesis Shiny glasses nougat by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
SCRUB Ace Earrings by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
Eyelure  Lip Love (Watermelon Red) lipstick by Willow. Markova @ XYROOM May
::HH:: Hucci Cinnamon Dress-Sandstorm by Eboni Khan
GoK Aztec Retro Clutch Bag by Gok Artis ♥Ne௰♥
SCRUB Ohm ,The sound of light nails by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
SKIFIJA Lady Night Pumps & Feet by Goran Osterham ♥Ne௰♥

On him
RONSEM J Hat (mesh) by Eow Reverie 2nd Anniversary Gift
Birth Hypnotic Eyes-Magik Iceblast by Silent Alchemi DN-HV hunt
O.c Brown glass by Ocean Craft old hunt
SuPerBia PluGs *VoLTaGe* by Ojeras Tolsen DN-HV hunt
AMERICAN BAZAAR My Fluo Love Top (mesh) byMissy Missqwerty Pevensey DN-HV hunt
Goth1c0 I am pain tattoo by Ania Svarog DN-HV hunt
D R O P Paisley Shorts by Sayaca Unplugged DN-HV hunt
PY Flyman Blue Shoes by Rainmind Lucky Board

Hogs & Cart Wheels High Voltage Bike by Rudhmellowen Laguna DN-HV hunt

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Almost goodbye for summer

Culture Shock is another CHIC event that runs from May 4, 2012 for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) This event includes fashion, music and art. There are many great items that are exclusive only for this event. This will be held at the CHIC sim
oOo Studio Framework freebie pose by Olaenka Chesnokov @ Culture Shock 2012
oOo Studio Revolution freebie pose by Olaenka Chesnokov @ Culture Shock 2012
.evolve. Adorbs05 pose by Bellastarr Fhang @ XYROOM May
STATUS Cajsa4 pose by Gidge (gidge.uriza) @ Culture Shock 2012

[BURLEY] Lola Hair by Bella Earst 
.charme. Soucis - Hairband by Patina Edwardstone ♥Ne௰♥
[Acide!] Muriel Gold Light Skin by Katy Stransky @ Culture Shock 2012
Cheap Makeup Zeitgeist Eye Makeup by Stella Semaphore @ Culture Shock 2012
Koketka Strips dress MESH by Slava Parkin @ Culture Shock 2012
[CIA Designs] Black belt by Ayla Stradling @ Culture Shock 2012
SCRUB Black door Earrings by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
[Sour Pickles] Robot of Win Necklace MESH Piano Tune by Xandra Bressig @ XYROOM May
Le Primitif Cheeky Bangle Pink (Gold) by Yani Tryce Whore Couture
A:S:S Decades Ring Chevaliere by Storm Torvalar @ Culture Shock 2012
Crystal Line Prim nail "COCO" orange by RENA Vita Lucky Board
PRISS Oversize Coin Purse by Erin Winterwolf Group Gift
Say it Loud's Mesh Gold Shoes by MW Boa @ XYROOM May

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Back blogging!!!

Hello designers I would like to announce that I am back blogging again. Apologies from disappearing without notice. I will update my blog again for my beloved readers :) I will accept items again for review of copies. I missed these things. ^_^