Monday, December 26, 2011

Why you gotta be so mean?

Gifts, gifts, gifts they are everywhere haha. *JeSyLiLO* made an event that you will need to find the "J,E,S,Y,L,I,L,O" letters inside their sim and you will get your gifts.  Here are some of the preview. Also *Mayden couture* had their Christmas hunt that you will need to look for gift boxes inside their store and tadah!!!! I love these hands that I got for very cheap price. These hands are animated. You got your options   on what will be the pose for it :) Really cool and I love everything!!!!

[LeLutka] AWE hair by Thora Charron Subscriber Gift
*JeSyLiLO* ::XmasGift2011:: *PALE* skin by LiLO Glom Group Gift
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] .hellomydeer. Earrings by Loviathar Hellman Christmas Gift
G-series T-shirt Female (mesh) Stripes by Gin Carter Group Gift
*JeSyLiLO* ::TaTToo::*JL.Essay by LiLO Glom *JeSyLiLO* 2012Dec Hunt Gift
*Mayden couture* Real Hand (with or w/o bangles) by Mayden Ushimawa Christmas Hunt Gift
*JeSyLiLO* ::MiniPant::*Red by LiLO Glom *JeSyLiLO* 2012Dec Hunt Gift
G-series Lanyard Keychain by Gin Carter Group Gift
*Mayden couture* Bare Feet by Mayden Ushimawa Profile Pick Gift

*JeSyLiLO* :::Cry::: *LightSkin*J2 by LiLO Glom *JeSyLiLO* 2012Dec Hunt Gift
*JeSyLiLO* ::XmasFreeGift:: *G1 by LiLO Glom Christmas Gift

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Philippines Disaster Assistance

A tragic incident killed thousands of Filipinos caused by Typhoon Sendong. This will be the coldest Christmas or even year for those who are involved in this tragedy. Loosing their love ones is incomparable in any heart breaking accident. Kind people made a simple event in Second Life but very huge help for us Filipinos. This all will go to charity to help our "kababayan" to at least provide their needs. Thank you.

For more information click here.
Click here to visit the event in world.
Watch the news here.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Sheba Cyberstar, Shaniah, Kimmy Rudolf, Cooline Pizzaro and Me

The outfits are from Severed Garden by Berta Avro

Friday, December 23, 2011

The day before Christmas

Weeee one more sleep and it is Christmas day. Before that let me share what I got from [Shag] and AOHARU. Got this lovely stole and hair. I think it is for limited time gift only so better hurry :o Also another great freebies I got from Ogasawara OkiDoki "Lucky Board" Festival are these dress and bag. There are more lucky boards in the area so there are more gifts to grab. It is worth waiting so visit the place now.

[Shag] Pretty Please Hair by Sebastien Aries Group Gift
AOHARU Fur Stole Leo by Machang Pichot Group Gift
Tee*fy Simple Cream Dress by Azure Electricteeth Ogasawara OkiDoki "Lucky Board" Festival
*Tea Time* Ballerian Shoes by Tea Xofan Group Gift

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just wandering around Cheesecake SIM

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Dura Celebration Hair by ちーさん (chiaki.xue) Group Gift
NHA! Earrings Katy by Kyrha Bouscario Group Gift
je suis Classique Scarf by Julia Merosi POE4 Hunt
LaGyo Sedrah Bracelet by Gyorgyna Larnia With Love, Again Hunt 10L$
Candy Nail Xmas2011 Twinkle Xmas Color Nails by Peche Bury Group Gift
.:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Felt Shopping bag-Poinsettia by Didi Morrisey POE4 Hunt
Nyte'N'Day Paw PJ Tank byNyte Caligari Group Gift
*Les Petits Details* Cheri Skirt by Nevery Lorakeet Group Gift
*Mayden couture* Nicole MultiColor Shoes by Mayden Ushimawa Group Gift

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zombie Hunt 2011

Muahahaha I proudly participated this event called Zombie Hunt 2011. Well this is not a typical hunt that will look for ordinary object nor zombie killing that you will leave it dead lol. It is really cool despite the lag that you may experience during the hunt. Your level upgrades and even your weapons :) I died too many times that made me quit lol. Anyway I got some gifts ^^ and I will join this photo for that event hihihihi.

LOVE SOUL Hair*119-Christmas* by 流依 (bluestarrui.villota) Zombie Hunt Gift 12/16-12/26
RONSEM Swet Top by エオ (eow.reverie) Zombie Hunt Gift 12/16-12/26
SOUP  Fray Skirt by 小林 (suppe.koba) Zombie Hunt Gift 12/16-12/26

visit  Christmas Event - Zombie Hunt 2011  for more information about the hunt :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can you feel the cold this coming Christmas?

INDI Beanie norwegian red by Jamie Holmer WLA Hunt 10L$
[ Al Vulo! ] May Skin [Ghost of the Past Porcelain] by Hlin Bluebird Winter Fair Gift
Apple May Design Big Shades Cream by Apple May WLA Hunt 10L$
Crame Muu Bal collar coat by ㋰ ㋒ (aimuu) Group Gift
[BUKKA] Fur coat ::bage & brown:: by Yano Hyun Lucky Board
Izzie's Mittens relaxed pink by Izzie Button WLA Hunt 10L$
Es' cusi My winter leggings by Sophielle Seraphim Gift
[BUKKA] Heel Boots ::ivory:: by Yano Hyun Lucky Board

ZEUS Renewal open Gift(5hair&4hat Color) by Fuu Sohl Group Gift
*JeSyLiLO* ::2012Dec::GroupGift*skin by LiLO Glom Winter Fair Gift
E-Clispe Design Glasses by Thetra (thetra.blackheart) Winter Fair Gift
[BUKKA] Poncho body ::stripe-graybrown:: by Yano Hyun Lucky Board
.Beautiful Dirty Rich Smexy Xmas Green Dress by Cameron Vasiliov Winter Fair Gift
::LEO-NT:: Striped Bow Ring by  lυna drezelan (lady.leonard) Group Gift
::LEO-NT:: SQUIRREL COFFEE<3 by ღ ɐuǝlɐpƃɐɯ (magdalena.bergamasco) Group Gift
PaperBag Hos Leggings by вσna dεa (kex.blackheart) Winter Fair Gift
*Tentacio* Winter boots by Pumpkin (yukio.osei) Winter Fair Gift

Friday, December 9, 2011

Men Only Hunt... You serious O.O?

"takes time to load all the images"
I got bored doing woman hunt so tadah! I finished the MEN ONLY HUNT (MOH 12/1-12/17). I blogged so many hunts for woman so now I am helping the men for their good start muahaha.
While hunting I met someone who helped me alot. Special thanks to Ezlathan Korpov who helped me with those no hint stores XD. Thanks dude you rock!
Spread the news woooo, help the newbies with their avatar. Let me guide you :)
Embody Pose  PERFECT TREE by Radagast Lexington BFH 11/25-12/25

=BLAST= chapka by Swag Blast (swag.steamer) MOH 12/1-12/17
[NV] Ju Sweater by isiss Bade MOH 12/1-12/17
Purpur Max Male Pants by Avrora Tutti MOH 12/1-12/17
Splash Snazzy Shoes by Jυllу (jullya.albatros) MOH 12/1-12/17

[LOUD] Winter Cap by デイビッド (davide.zuzu) MOH 12/1-12/17
*JD* Necklace Cross by Joice Dreamscape MOH 12/1-12/17
[ JP ]:dsg Aplomb - Hoodie by Jasper Potez MOH 12/1-12/17
.:Spearsong:. Hellbound Tattoo by Jared Spearsong MOH 12/1-12/17
[NV] Skinny Baggy by isiss Bade AVRCH 12/1-12/31
KristicA Open Belt Men by Spirit Osmus MOH 12/1-12/17
[BedlaM] SEXY Ozstarz Shoes by Seatyn Magic TJTH 11/15-12/15
-DAMNED- SaveTheWorld Planet by DAMNEDshop STWH 12/5-12/31

*X*plosion Beanie by Kaliha Noel MOH 12/1-12/17
.::MADesigns HAIR::. Jay Hair by MADd ( DIMH 11/18-12/18
Chop Zuey Sacrament of Perfection Men's Necklace by Belle Roussel MOH 12/1-12/17
Ducknipple Peno Skull Shirt by beanster Potato MOH 12/1-12/17
Rispetto Designs Faded Black Jeans by Khayman Karlsvalt MOH 12/1-12/17
Shiny Things Painter Shoes by Fallingwater Cellardoor Group Gift

Click images to enlarge
-Belleza- MOH Skin Gift by Tricky Boucher MOH 12/1-12/17
"I made the shape for this skin so if you want it for free just send me an IM inworld*O*"
[: najl designs :] Karman Skin by NAJL MOH 12/1-12/17

[yulicie] Otavio Hair w/ Cap by Noelle Neaph MOH 12/1-12/17
Quarantine Wool Coat by ŽømßιєPσקçøяη™   (jenica.penucca) MOH 12/1-12/17
=ShirtShop= Red Skull Shirt by Twombly Jupiter VSC 12/1-12/31
::GABRIEL:: Tweed Suit by Takuya Jinn MOH 12/1-12/17

Blah. Knitted Puffy Hat by 星 (hoshi.kimono) MOH 12/1-12/17
Micoolie LOOkwesh Hood by andersonlevis Oberueng MOH 12/1-12/17
JfL Leather Pants by Johnfrancis Laville MOH 12/1-12/17
[NerdMonkey] Dirt Beanie by Thanya Marabana MOH 12/1-12/17
Mustang Trading Post Thunderbird Necklace by Jon Ree MOH 12/1-12/17
Spirit Store Most T-shirt Shirt by Spirit Osmus MOH 12/1-12/17
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] The Line Male Nails by Loviathar Hellman MOH 12/1-12/17

FA Creation Winter Set by halieetus Westland MOH 12/1-12/17
BLITZED Tee by eko Merlin MOH 12/1-12/17
=Razorblade Jacket= Baseball Shirt by Kehl Razor MOH 12/1-12/17
Primitive Design Elapsed T-Shirt by Geyer Schnyder MOH 12/1-12/17

[ bubble ] Behive Sneakers by moonbubble (moonbubble.gothly) MOH 12/1-12/17
Splash Snazzy Shoes by Jυllу (jullya.albatros) MOH 12/1-12/17
FA Creation Mountain Shoe by halieetus Westland MOH 12/1-12/17
LOORDES OF LONDON Oxfords by Maja Signa (coleen.macarthur) MOH 12/1-12/17
[BedlaM] SEXY Ozstarz Shoes by Seatyn Magic TJTH 11/15-12/15

 Advance Merry Christmas to all of you.

Monday, December 5, 2011

かわいい ✖●✖●


**JOMO** Etched Hairbase by Xiaoduo Abbot 
FlufferNutterz Glittery Head Cat by Lael Cazalet Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
RazzBerry Inc. BigEe Glasses by Jayme Lorakeet Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
:GAUGED: Human Ear by Llis Kirax
Wallflower Cherry Cream Bubble Soda by Moxiemayhem Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
[frenzy] Deluxe Lamont Jacket Hoodie by Shawty Neox Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
[American Bazaar] Sculpted T-shirt Carrot by Missqwerty Pevensey Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Wide Scarf by Hiwinyu Fazuku Group Gift
::Para Designs:: Musicfest Tattoo by Vicky Werefox
+grasp+ Board Shorts by Asalt Eames
Shiny Things Painter Shoes by Fallingwater Cellardoor Group Gift

Dura Celebration Hair by ちーさん (chiaki.xue) Group Gift
MICO Rori Skin by ooyuki Mint Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
::LEO-NT:: DOODLE BALLOoN Headband by Magdalena Bergamasco Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
[ ANCAYI ] Teddy Bear Earmuffs by cagalli Tokyoska Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
Pink Ribbon 21 Cute Bear Glasses by 베이글녀 (winky.guisse) Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
-Atypical- Kawaii Riceball Keychain by Adonis Hunniton  Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
DAMNED K.Plasters Pink Nose by DAMNEDshop Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
!1mm*** Cape Coat Yellow by みりん (mirin.shippe) LuckyBoard
[NSD] Seasons Scarf by Naith Smit
RERTY URBAN REASTPAK Backpack by Rerty Naxos
Graffitiwear Fleece Lined Gloves by Chalice Piers ♥Ne௰♥
::Maria Design:: Sweet-Candy Bag by Maria89 Caffarelli Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
.:TrOuBlEd  ReBeL:. Kawaii Panda Ring by Morgan Cyr Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
Sugar Ayumi Skirt by Netsah Kurosawa
*I<3 FashiOn* Funny Belt by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
DAMNED K.Plasters Pink Knees by DAMNEDshop Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
.:Fear Yourself:. Punk Socks by ღナナとロッコღ (lowana.macmoragh) Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21
*Tea Time* Ballerian Shoes by Tea Davi (tea.xofan) Kawaii Hunt 11/21-12/21

Friday, December 2, 2011

22769 Casual Couture Holiday Greetings

Christmas is coming so everyone are preparing for this wonderful day in a year. Let us all start with 22769 Casual Couture who made and Advent Calender Christmasbags event at their mainstore. What is it? Well in a particular day you will get an item as a gift. It already started and will end on December 15. Here are some of the gift previews. They also released new items and ready to grab. To understand everything better visit their mainstore now and see what more surprising stuffs you can get :)
booN FNQ123 hair by boo Nakamura ♥Ne௰♥
[Acide!] Atlantique Cornes by AcIde Innovia ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter
*JeSyLiLO* :::Angel::: *RoseSkin* by LiLO Glom
22769 Casual Couture Red Muffler by Paco Pooley AC Christmasbag 6
22769 Casual Couture Reindeer Longsleeve by Paco Pooley AC Christmasbag 12
::Duh!:: Little Red Clutch by Renee Harvy DIMH
22769 Casual Couture [femme] High Waist Skirt by Paco Pooley ♥Ne௰♥
S@BBiA ::Socks:: by sable99 Magic Group Gift
Shiny Things Zimmy Flats by Fallingwater Cellardoor Group Gift

booN IAH431 hair by boo Nakamura
KRASOTA Fransuasa Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
WhiteWidow Face Tattoo by Stan Jigsaw DIMH
22769 Casual Couture [femme] Red Roses Dress by Paco Pooley ♥Ne௰♥
LEO-NT My Coffee Mug by Magdalena Bergamasco Group Gift
PRISS Ereenu Oversized Clutch Pink by Erin Winterwolf Group Gift
R.icielli OXFORD II ankleboots by Fhara Ricielli

*Birth* Hawk Hair by Silent Alchemi DIMH
KRASOTA Max Skin by NinasBell
*JeSyLiLO* :::Tattoo Facial Hair::: by LiLO Glom
22769 Casual Couture Silk Scarf by Paco Pooley
22769 Casual Couture [Homme] Hoondstooth Coat by Paco Pooley Black Market
*Airflow* Sweater by AIR Winx Group Gift
LEO-NT Squirrel Coffee by Magdalena Bergamasco Group Gift
22769 Casual Couture Woolen Pants by by Paco Pooley AC Christmasbag 14
*FIR & MNA* The Ashbury Loafers Base by Rob Moonites
*Boof. Thieving Tree by Hanley Speiser ♥Ne௰♥
(This tree is animated with funny features. A hand stealing all the gifts. For sure you will love this for your decoration.)

booN TDE093 hair by boo Nakamura
.:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Tweed Collection Bag by Didi Morrisey
22769 Casual Couture  [Femme] Ruffle Dress by Paco Pooley
.:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Tweed Collection Boots by Didi Morrisey
22769 Casual Couture [Bauwerk] Rattan Sitting Bag Paco Pooley AC Christmasbag 9

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hunt with me Shaniah Q.Q

I dunnno when was the last time we did a hunt together.... Hmmm but well, we bratts knows the best =P
We did the 2nd pose Shaniah said "You are like my niece TinTin". Looool I always want to look goofy in a casual way? Lmao! I love when we do hunt together >D She sometimes faster than me when finding the objects haha. What is on the menu anyway? Well we did this Diamond Is Mine Hunt cause we saw some likable stuffs hehehe and here it is. Have fun everyone ^^

[LeLutka] MOURRAY hair by Thora Charron
Fluid Furniture Vintage Bandeau Headband by Mafalda Hienrichs DIMH
AOHARU Poncho Cardigan by Machang Pichot
KIM Black Dress by Kimberly Flagon DIMH
::Duh!:: Little Black Clutch by Renee Harvy DIMH
Mstyle RIVEA Pumps by Mikee Mokeev

[LeLutka] BONJOUR hair by Thora Charron
Al VULO! Giulia Malice Skin by Hlin Bluebird DIMH
[:Tuli:] Parted Lips by Tuli Asturias Free
Bliensen + MaiTai Minou Earring by Plurabelle Laszlo DIMH
Studio Nails DIMH Nails by Anastasia Magic DIMH
Indyra Originals The Ireben Carry Bag by Indyra Seigo DIMH
Tres Beau DIMH Turtle Neck Sweater by Kimmera Madison DIMH
Has Been Bette Skirt by Terrie Dreadlow DIMH
HOC Industries Platform Pumps by Guu Nishi