Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I miss when you are looking at me.

Tadaan! Lol I miss this. Wear new outfit, take picture, edit and blog them... I miss everything. Lets make this comfortable and simple. I got this new tube top from SIOPA and I chose the brown one to match with my new sandals and bag from Pelletteria Morrisey. Thank you guys I love them so much. Visit their mainstore.

[LeLutka] SCARAB hair by Thora Charron
-NALA- *MIYAKO* Sunglasses by Leona Iuga
.:CoLLisions:. Remembrance Necklaces by Guenevere Decuir ♥Ne௰♥
SIOPA Lola Tube Top by Magz Schmooz ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Minuka Skirt by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
Pelletteria Morrisey Boston Bag by Didi Morrisey
HOC Industries Ladies Watch 01 by Guu Nishi
Pelletteria Morrisey Slouch Sandals by Didi Morrisey ♥Ne௰♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bright Night

Well, well, well, I made another in world photo but sadly I forgot to remove my facelight >8( Too late when I realized that my facelight is on haha. Anyway just feeling sexy and did my favorite trademark is laying down with shoes around me ^____^ Its proven that I am a shoe addict muahahah and these shoes are from R2 Fashion. Thank you rei2 Aya for this wonderful shoes you made. They are really sexy and had my mini dress from Rock Me Amadeus. Hmmm yes it match my blue night scene ahihi. More colors available at their main store.

 [kik] Hair Fine by as001 Littlething 50% off sale
KRASOTA Vivian Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Graffitiwear Stained Glass Jewelry by Chalice Piers ♥Ne௰♥
VooDoo Marij Tongue by ѕιииєя (jupyter.lecker)
Rock Me Amadeus Sorento Dress by Amadeus Beattie ♥Ne௰♥
R2 Fashion "Mino`aka" Shoes by rei2 Aya ♥Ne௰♥

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm walking away

"I'm walking away from the troubles in my life. I'm walking away to find a better day."
Part of the song that Craig David made and I still love this music.
Yes I am on emo mode while blogging this one. Just a bit maybe I can forget some things that is making me sad right now. Omg what am I doing T___T Well I hope you all like this one. 

[ Love Soul ] Hair Cap *034* by 流依 (bluestarrui.villota)
-NALA- *Color Bomb* Sunglasses by Leona (leona.iuga)
DAMNED Lollipop by Nic Renoir (nic.roxan) Group Gift
22769 Casual Couture Menstuff 3 Scarf by Paco Pooley Menstuff Hunt
*BOOM* Mini Vest by Ara Ultramegaforce (aranel.ah)
.::CENSORED::. T-Shirts Heart by PrincesaCindy Bravitz ♥Ne௰♥
[SHUSH] Autumn Floral Skirt by Avy Fhang 
Pelletteria Morrisey Pangea Bag by Didi Morrisey
[aberrant] Fingerless Gloves by Dylain Nikita ♥Ne௰♥
[aberrant]  Boombox Ring by Dylain Nikita ♥Ne௰♥
Artilleri Snakeskin Sash Belt by Antie Mae (antonia.marat)
Pelletteria Morrisey Sabina Leather Sandals by Didi Morrisey

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Epic fail moment, haha XD

Posting this because in few more minutes it is my real life birthday, muahahaha!!!!! Just a bit funny how this scene fails alot lol. I will receive the best gifts ever. Its both material and non material thing haha. 
Well in SL I got this shoes from R2 Fashion made by rei2 Aya. Quality and texture? Im giving 5 stars with double thumbs up. I love them :O Also these whole outfit I am wearing. I got this vintage skirt from [SHUSH] and also available at the Vintage Fair. I know this image doesnt look vintage at all but it looks cute together with my poncho top from 22769 Casual Couture. Well the details are below cause I got to go now to have fun. Bye all *happy face* ♥♥♥

[ Love Soul ] Hair *093* by 流依 (bluestarrui.villota)
*JeSyLiLO* :::IceCream::: *LightSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
Graffitiwear Gold Crystal Dreams Jewelry Set by Chalice Piers ♥Ne௰♥
22769 Casual Couture Cable Knit Poncho by Paco Pooley ♥Ne௰♥
[SHUSH] Vintage High Skirt by Avy Fhang Vintage Fair ♥Ne௰♥
.::CENSORED::. Journal Leggings by PrincesaCindy Bravitz ♥Ne௰♥
.::CENSORED::. Tropicalia Bag by PrincesaCindy Bravitz ♥Ne௰♥
R2 Fashion "Pumehana" `elua Shoes by rei2 Aya

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its cold... I know.

Well, after a hard decision I finally left all my blogger groups. Why? Because I will be busy in real life. To be fair enough to these great designers I voluntary exit their group. I love them all. Idolized their works. I will still be blogging and still stalk their stores muahahaha. 
Anyway can everyone smell the scent of Christmas? It isn't about the snow.. the winter... It is about the Christmas that we all celebrate every year. I got this winter Pompy full outfit from SeVered GarDeN made by Berta Avro. I love having winter outfit in Second Life because I know I will never wear this kind of outfit in real life. Its awkward to wear winter outfit in a hot country bahahahah. 
Thank you Berta Avro for everything. Im in love with all your work.

[ Love Soul ] Hair Cap*063* by BlueStarRUI Villota
SeVered GarDeN Pompy by Berta Avro ♥Ne௰♥
-NALA- *HARPS* Sunglasses by Leona (leona.iuga)
Tokidoki Bee Bag by Maya Levane

Monday, November 14, 2011

Long way to go

I dont know whats on my mind but the thing is I like these clothes im wearing!!!! >D Randomly worn them in purpose with classy and weird looking but come on its called fashion! Anyway I dont have much words to say because this is all for you guys. Grab them while they are fresh and available lol. I hope you like it. 

Dura Boys&Girls Hair 03 by ちーさん (chiaki.xue)
.ILLUSORY. Skin Paige by Crushed Clarity
SACRED ROSES Autumn Jewelry set by Kiera Seda Monday Mania
Spirit Store Gven Bodysuit by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
Artilleri Ingrid Highwaist Miniskirt by Antie Mae (antonia.marat)
[MANDALA] Sinra 2 Nails by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)
HOC Industries Ladies Watch 01 by Guu Nishi
*LPD* Les Petits Details  *Le Parisien* Shoes by Nevery Lorakeet

Dura Ladys Hair 03 by ちーさん (chiaki.xue)
KRASOTA Sofia Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
*I <3FashiOn* Flower Necklace by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
::SIOPA:: Brown Floral Tube Top by ℳαggiℯ (magz.schmooz)
Artilleri Kitta shorts by Antie Mae (antonia.marat)
Adoness Glitter Nails by Cruella Pennell Group Gift
*LPD* Les Petits Details  *Lilly* Shoes by Nevery Lorakeet

Dura Girl Hair 20 by ちーさん (chiaki.xue)
KRASOTA Sofia Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
BOTHER. 3-D GLasses by Mr Ghosty (ghost.harris) 1Dollarbie
ELUZION Zibrina Earrings by Yaline Sewell 1Dollarbie
Graffitiwear Denim Jacket by Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers) ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Gven Bodysuit by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
Artilleri Johanna Highwaist Shorts by Antie Mae (antonia.marat)
*I <3FashiOn* Flower Headband and Ring by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
*Chained* Kate Shoes by Anna (annabell.barzane) ♥Ne௰♥

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Went shopping at Spirit Land

I really dunno how to start blogging the items from Spirit Land stores because everyday they got new nice items to release >:) All the clothes shown here are from Spirit Store and PurPur. Lets start with this white Liberty dress that PurPur released recently. With this casual looking dress I am sure you'll love to have it on your avatar matching with KristicA Sara boots that is also white =P. Spirit Store had their new knit (Avgustina & Moulin) sweaters which the two avatars are wearing. I also got this elegant high waist Maxona jeans. Dont like high waist? Then lets go low waist lol! These 4 jeans with different style are all low waist. Can fit any sexy avatars. These clothes got different color to choose so visit their store. Check below for landmark :) Enjoy!!!

HAIRS: LeLutkaTukinowagumaLoQ
ACCESSORIES: Artilleri Tres Blah

Friday, November 11, 2011


[BURLEY] Ana Hair by Bella Earst ♥Ne௰♥
KRASOTA Gvinevra Shape by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
KRASOTA Gvinevra Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Morgauza Bodysuit by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
RaMa RoWanberry Floral Skirt by Elle Woodward (faullon)
*I <3FashiOn* Squirrel Thieft Necklace by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
Adoness French Nails by Cruella Pennell Group Gift

[BURLEY] Babs Hair by Bella Earst ♥Ne௰♥
*JeSyLiLO* :::IceCream::: *LightTanSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
Artilleri Clubmaster Sunglasses by Antie Mae (antonia.marat)
::VMC:: Sammii Shirt by Victory Modan
.::PiCHi::. Tutu Skirt by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) ♥Ne௰♥
Graffitiwear Black Accessories by Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers) Group Gift
*I <3FashiOn* Animal Wedge by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥

[BURLEY] Tish Hair by Bella Earst ♥Ne௰♥
KRASOTA Gvinevra Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Artilleri Meredith Glasses by Antie Mae (antonia.marat)
::SIOPA:: Nautical Stripe Dress by ℳαggiℯ (magz.schmooz) ♥Ne௰♥
CONCRETE FLOWERS Acorn Necklace by Lynaja Bade
(epoque) Illusion Clutch by Ms. Tata (vintage.mcmillan)
*I <3FashiOn* Animal Wedge by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥

[BURLEY] Liu Hair by Bella Earst ♥Ne௰♥
*JeSyLiLO* :::IceCream::: *LightTanSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
Artilleri Jennie Dress by Antie Mae (antonia.marat) ♥Ne௰♥
Adoness French Nails by Cruella Pennell Group Gift
*I <3FashiOn* Elegant Wedge by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥

Thursday, November 10, 2011

OMG! Its Shaniah, TinTin & Gallyreena!

No road is long with good company :)
There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.
We're always together, we're one of a kind, 3 words describe us "partners in crime"
"We will make this happen"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project Runway

My first runway scene haha :) 
Just got this new release bag from ::SIOPA:: with a very very very affordable price. 
Also here is my inner outfit from *Vogue* with those sexy ruffles and to match my cardigan I got this ankle boots from 22769 Casual Couture and I am so set to go lol. Anyway visit their main stores for much much much more items. 

epoque Warrior hair by Tata (vintage.mcmillan)
*JeSyLiLO* :::IceCream::: *LightSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
AOHARU Poncho Cardigan by Machang Pichot
*Vogue* Winta High waist and top by Zalyn Bailey ♥Ne௰♥
::SIOPA:: Woman Leather Bag by ℳαggiℯ (magz.schmooz) ♥Ne௰♥
S@BBiA ::Socks:: by Jury Gothly Group Gift
22769 Casual Couture Suede Ankle Boots by Manuel Ormidale

Lets go you little brat!

Two little creatures having a cute bonding? hmmmm >_< Anyway just missed the brother and sister relationship. Arent they both cute :) With the new release of male skin from *JeSyLiLO* I was able to make a guy avi using ::[annaA]:: shape hihihi and this is it. He look so handsome aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tukinowaguma Lillian Hair by KateForster Akina
*JeSyLiLO* :::Angel::: *RoseSkin* and Shape by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
.::YoPulga::. My Pink Pocket Sweater by Adelaide Radikal ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Wool Leggings by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
Rerty Urban Store Reastpak Backpack by Rerty Naxos
KHUSH kUGGsh Boots by Liess Paine

*JeSyLiLO* :::Yosef:::*LightTanSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Armand" by αηηα ツ (annalesca.ashbourne)
*JeSyLiLO* :::Tattoo Facial Hair::: by LiLO Glom
VooDoo Cap by ѕιииєя (jupyter.lecker) ♥Ne௰♥
[Acide!] Fuck Love Stretched Ear by AcIde Innovia
-Ak- Shirt Amores Perros by Franky Aker free
AMERIE Loose pants by AMERIE (amerie.spitteler)
*I <3FashiOn* Street SkateBag by PaTTy90 Paule
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing with the coffin... awooooo =P

RAW HOUSE Raquella hair by Jay Khaos
*JeSyLiLO* :::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin* by LiLO Glom discounted
VooDoo Cap by Jupyter Lecker ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Marry bodysuit by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Show pants "mesh" by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
::LEO-NT:: Anywhere bag by Magdalena Bergamasco
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow
GLITTERATI poses Coffin by Katey Coppola-Nayar (katey.coppola) Free

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bad teacher

Tukinowaguma Arachne Hair by AlexWyler Yoshikawa
KRASOTA - Tatyana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
*LpD* Les Petits Details *Lady Lord* Glasses by Nevery Lorakeet Group Gift
*Airflow* Soft leather jacket (unisex) by AIR Winx Group Gift
Spirit Store Marry bodysuit by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
MIEL Re Tie by Miel Nirvana Group Gift
.::PiCHi::. TIA Leather Belt by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) ♥Ne௰♥
RaMa RoWanberry Fashion Secretary skirt by Elle Woodward (faullon)
KristicA Sara Boots by Kristic Furman ♥Ne௰♥
Vent du Sud Kitchen set by Ariadne Korda
Kakashi Icha Book by Shikamaru Underwood

Friday, November 4, 2011

Good or bad news?

I got another guide for you all :) Well everything are mixed up. Fashion with fun story >D Anyway just saw a newspaper out of the marketplace and I thought of starting a new entry to blog. What is my outfit for today? See below... Special thank to Zalyn Bailey owner of *VoguE* for letting me blog her Casual stuffs. 
Was wandering around different sims the other day then I spotted this store and I liked it :) 
Another thing. Some people are asking me to post the poses I was using but unfortunately I cant do that. I bought some cheap poses and edit them by myself while taking picture :3 Example these photos. These poses are edited inworld. Eppppp!!!! Before anything else I dont sell poses  =P
I hope you guys like it ^^

Tukinowaguma Shirley Hair by AlexWyler Yoshikawa
JeSyLiLO :::Snow:::*SunKissSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
*VoguE* Neva Casual Top by Zalyn Bailey ♥Ne௰♥
PURPUR Skirt Lusya by Avrora Tutti ♥Ne௰♥
*LpD* Les Petits Details Summer Girl Bag by Nevery Lorakeet Group Gift
::LEO-NT:: SLUSH SLURPY ~lemon~ by lady drezelan (lady.leonard) Group Gift
*I <3FashiOn* Whimsical Boots by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
Bay City Bugle delivery! Newspaper by Kasabian Robonaught

Stress free!

Today I will uplift the atmosphere in my mind.

Tukinowaguma Reija Hair by AlexWyler Yoshikawa
JeSyLiLO :::Snow::: *LightTanSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
.::CENSORED::. Dorothee earrings by PrincesaCindy Bravitz ♥Ne௰♥
*VoguE* Marilla Jacket by Zalyn Bailey ♥Ne௰♥
Anymore  Dots Dress by Luciana Button ♥Ne௰♥
AOHARU Hard Crash Leggings by Machang Pichot
*LpD* Les Petits Details The chic Snake Bag by Nevery Lorakeet
::LEO-NT:: Coffee to go by Magdalena Bergamasco Group Gift
*LpD* Les Petits Details *Boho* Boots by Nevery Lorakeet

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby sitter

Tukinowaguma Helmi Hair by AlexWyler Yoshikawa
*JeSyLiLO* :::Snow::: *LightSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
Graffitiwear Pink Painted Roses Jewelry by Chalice Piers ♥Ne௰♥
*LpD* Les Petits Details *Paper* Dress by Nevery Lorakeet 
*LpD* Les Petits Details *My Beauty Case* Bag by Nevery Lorakeet
KristicA - Sara Boots by Kristic Furman ♥Ne௰♥
Cartoon Kids Kids Umbrella (Texture Change) by Paty Paule Free
*MunBabies* Baby Boy Pericles (animated+hud) by Malcom Tremont ♥Ne௰♥
Mudhoney Princess Playhouse by Rayvn Hynes
::MunSpain::Co:: Halloween Bear Prim (animated) by MayaHabanaCortes Magic ♥Ne௰♥


KRASOTA Morgana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Tukinowaguma Tracy Hair by AlexWyler Yoshikawa
*I <3 FashiOn* RuinatiOn Sunglasses by PaTTy90 Paule
*I <3 FashiOn* Mushroom Set by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥ Mushroom Hunt
*X*plosion Fantastic Jacket by Kaliha Noel
PurPur Overall Tasya by Avrora Tutti ♥Ne௰♥
*X*plosion SweetPunk Bracelets by Kaliha Noel ♥Ne௰♥

KRASOTA Morgana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Adoness Kronos Hair by Cruella Pennell  ♥Ne௰♥
Adoness Boo-tiful Disaster Necklace and Earrings by Cruella Pennell Group Gift
Spirit Store Nikol dress by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
*X*plosion SweetPunk Bracelets by Kaliha Noel ♥Ne௰♥

KRASOTA Morgana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Tukinowaguma Fiorentina Hair by AlexWyler Yoshikawa
[Acide!] Pumpkin Perly Kiss by AcIde Innovia ♥Ne௰♥
~S.N.G~ Shitz N Giggles Eerie tunnels by Isis Zamin ♥Ne௰♥
~S.N.G~ Shitz N Giggles Flowered Collar by Isis Zamin ♥Ne௰♥
Graffitiwear Coffee Ladies Leather Jacket by Chalice Piers ♥Ne௰♥
Anymore Happy Halloween Tattoo byLuciana Button ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Freak Top by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
~S.N.G~ Shitz N Giggles Tootsie Skirts by Isis Zamin ♥Ne௰♥

KRASOTA Morgana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Adoness Kyme Hair by Cruella Pennell  ♥Ne௰♥
[Acide!] Pumpkin Perly Kiss by AcIde Innovia ♥Ne௰♥
Spirit Store Kama bodysuit by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥