Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Smokin' hot ♥♥♥

It was very nice to meet new people in Secondlife. Here I grabbed the chance to blog 2 hot avatars XD. Thank you so much Dewibali for participating. Much appreciated.

Dura-Boy 30 (strawberry) by Chiaki Xue
<SC> Glasses by Brandon not anymore available sorry 
<SC> Famous Tatto by Brandon not anymore available sorry
[M.o.W] Cardigan Male B&G-M by Ninoita Allen
<SC> Key Necklace by Brandon not anymore available sorry
Not So Bad VINCE jeans Black by Reda Bertolucci BLOGGED!
REDGRAVE Sneakers Miles-Blue/Creme/ by TeamRedgrave BLOGGED! ♥Ne௰♥

Dura-Boy 24 (strawberry) by Chiaki Xue
deeR mesh regatta top by Sidofox Zsun
deeR mesh schutz sneakers by Sidofox Zsun
Karma Bracelet (Right) by Vanilla Chemistry 
Mandala Hokusai Bracelet (Left) by Kikunosuke Eel
Karma Necklace by Vanilla Chemistry 
Amerie Mesh Skinny pants by Amerie Spitteler
Zippo shetther

Sunday, October 28, 2012

part of me...

Co*Motion I am a fashion model 8 Pose by Lindsay Kocherigin  @ Acid Lily ♥Ne௰♥
Dura-Boy 37 (Irish Coffee) by Chiaki Xue ♥Ne௰♥
CheerNo Glasses . MARLEY Roxo by Cheerno Destiny
Bellballs Essentials Victorian Cross Earrings- Black by Viollette Vyper
Erratic Cory - oversized sweater/duo lime by Erratic Rain FAMESHED ♥Ne௰♥
mon tissu Cuffed Denim Shorts- Destroyed Wash by Anouk Spot
Mstyle Stars Tights-Cerise by Mikee Mokeev

Dura-Boy 37 (Strawberry) by Chiaki Xue ♥Ne௰♥
BND Nerdz Glasses! by Ling Serenity
Kal rau Casual Blazer T-shirt 1 by Kal Rau
Not So Bad VINCE jeans Black by Reda Bertolucci
Public Enemy RING Black Dust Set by Jonas Acanthus
<SC> Guaged Mouth Made by Brandon

Swallow Diavoli Red length 2 necklace by Luciayes Magic
Scrub Rockers Nails by Ramon Jonstone
Aura My super over sized (mesh) sack by Tyr Rozenblum
REDGRAVE Shoes Linda - 12colors by TeamRedgrave ♥Ne௰♥
REDGRAVE Sneakers Miles-Blue/Creme/ by TeamRedgrave ♥Ne௰♥

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Im Back and partying at the Beachwood

Ahhhhh!!!! Its good to be back in SL again. I miss partying, clubbing, dancing and ofcourse blogging >:D
K, since this will be my post ill be including one of my most favorite club and that is Beachwood Club.
Perfect spot for my outfit too I guess *o* lol anyway. Here got so much fun and partying so yall should try it.

Click here to join the party at Beachwood Club
Below are the infos of what Im wearing :D enjoy!!!!
-LaViere- Cashmere Flat Cap Noir by Azure Electricteeth ♥Ne௰♥
[BURLEY] Julia Hair Brown01 by Bella Earst ♥Ne௰♥
Apple May Design (AMD) Big Shades - Noir by Apple May Old Hunt Gift
.Pekka. Blind  Piercing by Kathya Szczepanski

Toki Doki Summer Nights Cardigan by Maya Levane @ The Dressing Room BLUE 
[Cynful] Kini Mesh by Cynthia Ultsch @ Energy Special GIFT
MIEL Cargo Skirt - Khaki by Mika Nieuport 50L Friday
DeeTaleZ Socks Thick Wool Black by Steffi Villota
ISON Girl Panic Boots (black) by Harry Hyx

Mr.Poet Leather Backpack by Hiwinyu Fazuku
BUKKA iPod touch Limited by Yano Hyun lucky board
[DDL] Toca Para Mi (Bracelet) by Melina Anatine  group gift