About my Blog

I created this blog to guide everyone with fashion, style and ideas.
Photography is my past time in Second Life so I mixed it with guides and info.
This blog can be your online landmark inventory in a structured form.
All of the descriptions shown in this blog got links for the landmark (SURL)
It is also made to promote different designers great and high quality creations.
It is my pleasure if you want me to blog your items.

If you want me to add your store landmark on my links please send me a note with information.
If you want me to review your items please visit this page.

I love reading and browsing good pictures.
If you want to exchange links with me do not hesitate to message me in world (notecard)
If you want to be featured on my blog as a blogger as well we can arrange that because blogging alone is kinda boring and exhausting sometimes. I love taking picture with company :) We can talk and set up things together to be done.

Contact me here.