Monday, October 31, 2011

Mga pasaway ever!

O ayan tatagalugin ko na to tahahahaha. Well una sa lahat salamat. Salamat kasi nanjan kayo palagi. Kahit hind ko na ishare senyo yung problem ko okay na ako kasi nanjan kayo. Pota mapapaemo pa ako ngayon hahahaha. Pasensya na kasi lately may pinagdadaanan akong problem. Ayoko naman idamay kayo sa mood ng araw ko pero alam ko makikinig kayo kapag sinabi ko. Masaya ako kapag nandyan kayo. Hindi ko kailangan ng ibang fafa, manliligaw, kalandian, kadate sa SL kasi mas kailangan ko kayo. Ang boring ng SL kapag wala kayo. Ilang days palang kayo mawala namimiss ko na kayo T____T Salamat kasi hindi kayo plastic na tao kahit may kasex kayo sinasabi nio hahahaha. Wag kayo magbabago. Yun lang wish ko :)

Happy Halloween
MIEL PUMPKIN RAIDER by Mika (mika.nieuport) Group Gift
SeVered GarDeN Pumpkin Slippers by Berta Avro Group Gift
GLITTERATI - Seasons - Fall pose by Katey Coppola-Nayar (katey.coppola) 

OMG its raining!

The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfilment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall.

!lamb Stargaze hair by Lamb Bellic
KRASOTA - Tatyana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Voodoo Nerd Sunglasses by ѕιииєя (jupyter.lecker) 
*LpD* Les Petits Details - *Winter* Red Coat by Nevery Lorakeet ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Famous bodysuit by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
*I <3FashiOn* Antique Monile necklace by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
*LpD* Les Petits Details *The chic Snake* Bag Turquoise by Nevery Lorakeet
KristicA - Shella Boots by Kristic Furman ♥Ne௰♥
-RC- Newspaper Umbrella by Redd Columbia

The photo was taken here: Cupcake

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!"

Mother Goose's Ai Skin by :::뫼벨스::: (milok.hermit)
Angel Waga hair by DjAngeI Fallen
SeVered GarDeN Wednesday by  Berta Avro (full outfit) discounted ♥Ne௰♥ 

Mother Goose's Choi Skin by :::뫼벨스::: (milok.hermit)
TRUTH Sylvia hair by Truth Hawks
SeVered GarDeN  Morgana by  Berta Avro (full outfit) discounted

The photo was taken here: Innsmouth

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where in the hell are those girls >:[

Shhhh I went to a nude beach called "Paradise Sex Beach" and just got bored waiting for my friends to come online. The beach gave me an idea to take my photos there lol and here it is. 
I spotted an awesomesauce footwear at the *LpD* Les Petits Détails and yeah it look so great on my pixel feets *rawr* Thank you Nevery Lorakeet for this cool item :) And about the skin? Why am I doing multiple posts with it, because I am so in love with this skin!!!!!!! I got another cool belt from .::PiCHi::. which is good for high waists bottoms. Scarf on the beach? Why not? lol I love it and I am going to wear it!*I <3FashiOn* released that scarf. Have fun yall. 

::Exile:: Iona Hair by Kavar Cleanslate The Dressing Room BLUE
KRASOTA - Tatyana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
*BOOM* Lil bow Peepers by demi (ophelia.demina) ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Dance earrings by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
A.M.K.R Tank top by ℳariℓyɳ (marilyn.mistwallow) MHOH
*I <3FashiOn* Wool Hot Scarf by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥ XYROOM
CONCRETE FLOWERS- Acorn Necklace by Lynaja Bade TSH
*I <3FashiOn* Butterfly Ring by by PaTTy90 Paule
Mstyle <3 Bracelet by Mikee   (mikee.mokeev) Group Gift
Mstyle The Cig by Mikee   (mikee.mokeev)
.::PiCHi::. TASHA Suede Belt by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) ♥Ne௰♥
Jack Spoon Micha Shorts by Steffy Ghost ♥Ne௰♥
*LpD* Les Petits Détails - *Lilly* Shoes by Nevery Lorakeet ♥Ne௰♥

Friday, October 28, 2011

Is she still alive? o.o

The cap is not for boobs loool but yeah just hiding private parts =P VooDoo released their new cap with tag  hanging. This cap can be worn in 2 ways... not with boobs attachment okay? lol. Its perfect and can fit any head shape. I love foot wears but I can only wear 2 but I have all the colors so I will just show you ^^. These are the boots from *SeVered GarDeN* lovely texture? Hell yeah >=D Spirit Store also got their new sexy shorts and here it is. More colors at the main store. Adding some body tattoo from Purpur Ahhhh they look so great!!!!! Also grab those mouth tapes from *I<3 FashiOn* That is all k thanksbai! "my avi is alright"

VooDoo Cap by ѕιииєя (jupyter.lecker) ♥Ne௰♥
[soap] Dorkules Glasses by иega Loch (loch.newchurch)
*I<3 FashiOn* Tape by PaTTy90 Paule ♥Ne௰♥
Elate! Darling Scarf by Kellie Iwish The Seasons Hunt
Spirit Store Nikita shorts belt by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
Purpur Tattoo Petals by Morgana Ezvalt ♥Ne௰♥
Dark Watch Garter net by Mrs. Graves (leeloo.graves)
*SeVered GarDeN*  Akis-Boots by Berta Avro ♥Ne௰♥

Thursday, October 27, 2011

There’s this girl, the one and only wonder of this world.

 TRUTH Sylvia Hair by Truth Hawks
KRASOTA - Tatyana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
*I <3 FashiOn* VanityButterfly Glasses by Patty90 Slade (patty90.paule) ♥Ne௰♥
[Acide!] Mel Piercing by AcIde Innovia  ♥Ne௰♥ GSP
- Nemesis - Peace top by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
!Ohmai Faux Pygmy Vest by Kaelyn Nickles (anya.ohmai) The Seasons Hunt
:Fusion: Cord Necklace by adria Joubert
[Acide!] Enlacement  Mortel by AcIde Innovia ♥Ne௰♥ GSP
Spirit Store - Kisa Jeans by Spirit Osmus ♥Ne௰♥
R.icielli - OXFORD II ankleboots by Fhara Ricielli (fhara.acacia)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"for notecard of hints IM me inworld"
 POSE: dfo! [tsh] gone huntin pose with rifles The Seasons Hunt

Chinaheart Blogger - Apple - Hair mini.fatpack The Seasons Hunt
 Tres Blah Autumn Scarf The Seasons Hunt
 AddiCt LUCILLE Sweater Dress The Seasons Hunt
BRB Accessories Earrings & Bangles The Seasons Hunt
Caroline's Jewelry Owl Necklace The Seasons Hunt
Epoque Illusion Clutch The Seasons Hunt
Tokidoki - Bee Bag The Seasons Hunt
+mocha+ Flower Mouton Boots The Seasons Hunt

TinTin Firehawk
Raw House Raquella Hair The Seasons Hunt
Insufferable Dastard Colors of Fall eyes The Seasons Hunt
duboo Doremi Muffler The Seasons Hunt
Paper Doll Chloe Dress The Seasons Hunt
Glow Studio Autumn Glasses The Seasons Hunt
PIDIDDLE Oh So Gawdy Earrings The Seasons Hunt
Concrete Flowers Acorn Necklace The Seasons Hunt
Duh Seasons Hunt Fall Bag The Seasons Hunt
DECO Madison Boots "mesh" The Seasons Hunt

Vodka Shamrock
NSD Seasons Woolly The Seasons Hunt
NSD Seasons Scarf The Seasons Hunt
[Sleepy Eddy] Crew Neck Sweater The Seasons Hunt
UFO The Last Fall with You shorts The Seasons Hunt
TOSL Hand Warmer The Seasons Hunt
*FIR & MNA* The Ashbury Loafer Autumn Shoes The Seasons Hunt

Now I will be showing you the poses and the furniture included in this hunt. Special thanks to my friend Markski Glom who joined in one of the poses I got =P Thanks dude.
pda Ruined Yearbook Moment 2 pose The Seasons Hunt

pda Ruined Yearbook Moment 1 & 3 pose The Seasons Hunt
Del May Falling pose The Seasons Hunt

Umwelt - Harvest Skybox The Seasons Hunt
[kusshon] hay cart with animations The Seasons Hunt
GLITTERATI - Seasons - Fall The Seasons Hunt
Art Dummy! and we fall Bed The Seasons Hunt
Nordari hold on, hold on. The Seasons Hunt
Doppelganger Mason jar candles The Seasons Hunt
TLND Set for the seasons hunt "mesh table" The Seasons Hunt
Kari The old stove The Seasons Hunt
Vespertine Pieces of Aumtumn seat The Seasons Hunt
Autumn: October 15-29

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

華やかな生活。(Living Glamorous)

A very very very big smile for everyone ^_____^
Little information but image can explain everything. 
These are the other colors of the - Nemesis - dresses and KristicA boots.
The skins got 4 different tones but it has more make up option at the mainstore of KRASOTA.

[LeLutka]-BLYTHE hair by Minnu Palen
[LeLutka]-INVERTED hair by Minnu Palen
[LeLutka]-TOKYO hair by Minnu Palen
KRASOTA - Tatyana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
KRASOTA - Morgana skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Dance earrings by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Lady bangles by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
.::PiCHi::. MUI Leather Belt by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Famous bodysuit by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Fresh dress by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
KristicA - Shella Boots by Kristic Furman ♥Ne௰♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

I am going to buy that sofa!

Color of the day? Yellow! Loool. This isnt me but yeah I am trying to a new style of fashion. Who is Tintin anyway? A ragged punk girl who loves urban style? Like what I said I am random in Second Life.
Here now I am posting a casual look, odd seeing me like this? I know right but I love it. Thank you to Calypso Clip owner of - Nemesis - for letting me review her awesome items. This dress and accessories are designed and created by her. Not happy with the color? Dont worry they got different color inside their mainstore. Just visit - Nemesis - for your choice :) Anyway my theme for today is yellow heheheh <3
Another great item has released by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) owner of .::PiCHi::. This buckled boots are now out! Grab your pair. Thank you Tissu and Calypso. Im getting inlove with your items.

[Shag] - Falling Slowly Hair by Sebastien Aries The Seasons Hunt
-CandyDoll- Olivette Natural by CandyDoll (rebeca.dembo) ♥Ne௰♥
- Nemesis - Dance earrings by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
The Secret Store - Casual Black by Maylee Oh Group Gift
- Nemesis - Fresh dress by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
Izzie's - Leona Bag tropical by Izzie Button
- Nemesis - Lady bangles by Calypso Clip ♥Ne௰♥
::LEO-NT:: The Last Butterfly's Ring by Magdalena Bergamasco Group Gift
::LEO-NT:: Coffee to go by Magdalena Bergamasco Group Gift
.::PiCHi::. DASHER Buckled Boots by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) ♥Ne௰♥

The photo was taken here: Jack Spoon

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Its just a fantasy

I so lololololololooooove this outfit. Another new release from SeVered GarDeN. Its very fantastic, cute, sexy and fun to wear :) SeVered GarDeN always doing a very great outfit. Le*Se got their new shape woooo! Get them if you like them ^^. Another item for Grunge Soul Project and that is the [Katsucide] Laura Skin.  Have fun everyone :)

TRUTH hair by Truth Hawks
SeVered GarDeN * Katy * by Berta Avro ♥Ne௰♥
Le*Se BonBon Shape by Lexusia Sabetha ♥Ne௰♥
[Katsucide] Laura Skin (Tan & Light)  by katy Stransky GSP
SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Tiptoes by Siddean Munro

The photo was taken here: Cabrian Outpost

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Epic witch! LOL

Went sim hopping with a friend then i realized I can take the photos here in Innsmouth for my blog.
Whats the theme? I feel witchy but nah it is still cute lol. Thanks to xminee Zarco for this full outfit. What come with the outfit? Well everything you see with it specially the boots, scarf, leggings etc. More colors to choose from their store so visit X.Z. Fashion to check them out. {*I <3 FashiOn*} release new great accessories. This sunglasses are color changable so pic any color u desire. They even also added their music guitar at the Grung Soul Project. Check them out. Woooot .:::YoPulga::. made a face tatto :o. This war face tats got different colors and I sooo love it!!! Combination of my weird mind lol.

Wasabi Pills Up In The Hair by MissAllSunday Lemon 
X.Z. Fashion Complete Outfit Lexi by xminee Zarco ♥Ne௰♥
.:::YoPulga::. War Face Tattoo by Adelaide Radikal ♥Ne௰♥
{*I <3 FashiOn*} VanityButterfly Glasses by Patty90 Slade (patty90.paule) ♥Ne௰♥
{*I <3 FashiOn*} DeliciOus Tongue by Patty90 Slade (patty90.paule) ♥Ne௰♥
{*I<3 FashiOn*} Music Guitar Bag by Patty90 Slade (patty90.paule) GSP

Extra pictures for the place with my friend Reijndert

The photo was taken here: Innsmouth

Holli Pocket

Everything you see are designed by ·んⓞノノⓘ (holli.thespian) owner of *HolliPocket*.
The red hoodie is a hunt item for ZombiePopcorn and the other one is for Grunge Soul Project.
The jeans are on the American Bazaar Hallo Event and the tattoos can be bought using Gatcha.
Possible tattoos to win are these (Beware, I steal bfs/ Beware, I steal gfs/ Bobbing for apples/ Enter at your own risk/ Eye Candy/ I stole your girl/ I stole your man/ I want to suck your.../ Just lick it, it'll last longer/ Lick my lollipop/ Taste just like candy and Tasty from the inside out/ )

*HolliPocket* Hoodie Tee-Fruit Punch -ZPH
*HolliPocket* Hoodie Tee-Violet- GSP
*HolliPocket* Naughty Nom Tats -Gatcha-
*HolliPocket*  Faded Whisker Jeans-Teal-Amer.Bazaar Hallo Event
*HolliPocket* Lacey Long Top-Strawberry GSP 7.2
*HolliPocket* Lacey Long Tops (more color at the mainstore) ♥Ne௰♥
*HolliPocket* Skribbles Ripples Jeans ABBH

This top can be worn with 2 options. With prim or without prim. With sleeves or without sleeves.
*HolliPocket* Lacin' Love Top ♥Ne௰♥

The photo was taken here: *HolliPocket*
Chinaheart Blogger

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Where am I?...."

Sheba Cyberstar
Okay my mom got bored and need something to do that day. Thank god she let me blog her, keep her company as well. Bahaha with the theme of the place and the pose, she looks like missing or lost... or missing daddy? =P Anyway this is what she is wearing. Im happy she share it. Love you mom.

W&Y Hair 133
Al Vulo! Easy Orchid Skin
Redgrave Eyelashes 31 extra long
Paper Couture Studded Gold Circles Earrings
Gizza Biker Jacket
Luck Inc Undershirt
LG-Concept Sidus Bangle
Ree Gloves Floral
Luck Inc Low Rise Mini Jeans
Surf Co Olea Boots

Thursday, October 20, 2011



TinTin Firehawk
::Ragdoll's cut:: Rotten Little Bunny ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
!lamb Heart Hair >,< not free
=Razorblade Jacket= Bloody Blindfold ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
:: Delirium Style :: Bloody Face Tattoo Delirium Styles Lil Pumpkin Hunt
[Acide!] Dont eat me (doll on mouth) ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
[SAKIDE] @ Seraphim Casual Tee Group Gift
:::[NEEDFUL THINGS]::: Beware of me (chest tattoo) ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
:: Delirium Style :: Halloween Backpack Delirium Styles Lil Pumpkin Hunt
M O N S Nails, Sugar Cat Group Gift
 :::[NEEDFUL THINGS]:::  Halloween Yummi Bag Group Gift
:: Delirium Style :: Backstabber Tattoo (tummy tattoo) Delirium Styles Lil Pumpkin Hunt
[NV] Madworld Halloween Baggys Group Gift
Urban Bomb Unit UBU PornStar Lo-Tops >,< not free

Vodka Shamrock Apple hair The Seasons Hunt
n-creation Werewolf Yellow Eyes ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[AQ's] face tattoos Through + Broken ZombiePopcorn Hunt
CONCRETE FLOWERS Creepy Crawlers Glasses ZombiePopcorn Hunt
:Hebenon Vial: Inque Piercing ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Nox Ear Plugs ZombiePopcorn Hunt
::Para Designs:: Music fest Tattoo ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[pivaaca] Cable Knitting Vest The Seasons Hunt
KOSH Hangman Necklace ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Epic Bloody VooDoo Backpack ZombiePopcorn Hunt
::SWEET LEONARD:: Bloody Skull Belt ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[NV] Madworld Halloween Baggys Group Gift
Duh! Engineer Boots ZombiePopcorn Hunt

Chinaheart Blogger
TRUTH HAIR Jersey >,< not free
n-creation Vampire Silver Eyes ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Pin Me Down Bloody Tears Tattoo ZombiePopcorn Hunt
::[annaA]:: Slave Soap ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[NV] Madworld Rebel Coat ZombiePopcorn Hunt
.::YoPulga::. Blood Dress ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[Acide!] Perles Necklace American Bazaar Birthday Hunt
Izzies Angular Bangles ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Reckless Death is certain tattoo ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[ bubble ] Brains for the ride bag ZombiePopcorn Hunt
KHUSH Kuggsh boots ZombiePopcorn Hunt

Magnifique Poses Zombie Hunters Pose ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Vodka Shamrock, Den Xevion & Dash Xevion
Special participation of my good friends lol. 
What are they wearing? I dont know either >,< Ask them? hahaha
Just a little reminder. Do not IM Chinaheart Blogger and Vodka Shamrock about hints and stuffs coz they got no Idea about it either. I use these avatars when hunting. "all the work goes to me" -.- Real owners are not aware about the hints. Any question direct it to me (TinTin Firehawk)


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Photo was taken here: Fish Taco Island: Revenging Damned
●I hunt, I blog●
- Sayonara -