Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waffle Fox Hunt

Woooot I just finished picking the stuffs I liked about the Waffle Fox Hunt and you guys should try this fun hunt too :) This hunt starts from July 15,2011 until August 15, 2011 so whoah this is a very long time hunt that you can completely finish anytime you wanted to. Some of the stuffs in this picture are not related to the hunt but I will still guide you to the shops where you can purchase them. Okay lets start with the shape which I got from ([EY:NO] Doriana ). This is a new release shape from this shop and I like it :). Now lets move on with the skin which I got from (AI VULO miha [red peach]). This skin is really awesome. Love the skin tone but there are other choices for the skin color you want :). Okay here is my favorite hair shop (MAGIKA Mayra) and i been lovin this shop since I came back to SL and my friend show me this shop. The hair quality are amazing and worth buying. For my tattoo... Well we all know AITUI. TATTOO & FASHION HOUSE is an old shop in SL and giving high quality tattoos so I recommend everyone to give it a try. Im using the Fuse tattoo which I got from this shop with a little mix up of [sYs] DIGITAL - Tattoo. And for the last is my shoes from DEFSneakers Manifesto. Oh gosh this is kinda long intro for my WFH blog haha. Anyway the items list below are the rewards I got from Waffle Fox Hunt. Hope you all will like it ^_____^

#9 [ bubble ] Wacky glasses
# 12 Damned Funny face stickers 
#19 ANCAYI hair band
#24 NV Madworld Noname pants artist
#26 *Kattastrophe* you are a superstar (animated mic)
#40 EY:NO Waffle rings
#41 Hod Celtic swirl dimples
#47 P.i.X.X.i.S Backpack foxxie

Ooops.... The shirt is from other hunt lol. #13 TOSSH Spirit Store Go Top.

Alright there are alot of stuffs with this Waffle fox hunt and this guide is only for the clothes/stuffs Im wearing. This is like 49 items to hunt. Hehehe you all will definitely enjoy this.. Goodluck.

The Image below is for the closer look.