Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bright Night

Well, well, well, I made another in world photo but sadly I forgot to remove my facelight >8( Too late when I realized that my facelight is on haha. Anyway just feeling sexy and did my favorite trademark is laying down with shoes around me ^____^ Its proven that I am a shoe addict muahahah and these shoes are from R2 Fashion. Thank you rei2 Aya for this wonderful shoes you made. They are really sexy and had my mini dress from Rock Me Amadeus. Hmmm yes it match my blue night scene ahihi. More colors available at their main store.

 [kik] Hair Fine by as001 Littlething 50% off sale
KRASOTA Vivian Skin by NinasBell ♥Ne௰♥
Graffitiwear Stained Glass Jewelry by Chalice Piers ♥Ne௰♥
VooDoo Marij Tongue by ѕιииєя (jupyter.lecker)
Rock Me Amadeus Sorento Dress by Amadeus Beattie ♥Ne௰♥
R2 Fashion "Mino`aka" Shoes by rei2 Aya ♥Ne௰♥