Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Im bored baby

Waiting for someone... Someone who can fill me... Someone who can complete me.
This is the very realistic textured feet from Slink. I love this feet and walk around in random places and tell them wooohooo Im barefooted muahahaha! Matching the new anklets from pepper store. Oh gosh this really fits me.

Can you all see how nice the anklets are? With its high quality textures, this accessory will surely fit any barefoot feets. It can cover the unwanted cut from the leg and the foot too... Just saying hahaha. 

I love the whole image.. The Skin from Katsucide for GSP(Grunge Soul Project) is a very nice tan skin. Remember its on GSP so it is cheap and good :) The top and capri from Bitch Tail is a cute match. Also get your new F**k sunglasses from Voodoo. Its a texture changing sunglass. Woot last but not the least. The sexy awesome new belt still from Pepper store. Grab them! Grab them! Grab them!

LoQ Hairs Tiramisu *gift*
[Katsucide] Laura skin GSP ♥Ne௰♥
VooDoo Sunglas F**k ♥Ne௰♥
~Pepper~ Pieces ring
Bitch Tail YumYum sprinkles corset
Bitch Tail Finally capri
~Pepper~ Kiss me belt ♥Ne௰♥
~Pepper~ Anklets ♥Ne௰♥
Slink Jolie pied  barefeet tiptoes