Monday, September 12, 2011

Get down buddy!

Woohoo! A very great day for this one because I found a very cheap store. Cheap but high quality. It is not the normal price but it is a discounted store. It is called "My Second Wardrobe" near the Angel Hair store. 
Okay about the mood. I got my bestfriend TRAGEDY to do this entry for me :) "Thank you Trag" Yeah it sexy and I love it. Wearing the new skirt from Katsucide store. I love this sexy skirt so you all should grab it.
Here is the guide for the stuffs im wearing. Just click the name of the item to get the landmark :)

*on her*
AI VULO Skin Annarella MSW
Angel Hair Waga GSP
~Pepper~ Name mouthchain diamond *gift*
*BOOM* Lil bow peepers ♥Ne௰♥
A.M.K.R Tee Skull 
[Katsucide] Mini Skirts ♥Ne௰♥
My Second Wardrobe (MSW) Special bracelet set -3
PIXELFASHION Mya Clogs pastel ♥Ne௰♥

*on him*
99 Elephants IEKELENE hair
JOMO Etched hairbase 05
GAUGED Human stretched ears tunnels
GABRIEL Loose red shirt
EY:NO Dark blue jeans
HOC Lowtops

MSW: My Second Wardrobe & GSP: Grunge Soul Project