Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You are invited for tomorrows party!!!!!

Fresiah Bratt's Rez Day Party
November 22, 2012
Main event starts at 3am-5am SLT
DJ Dips String live from India

Hello everyone :) well, tomorrow will be my friend Frisiah Bratts's Rez day so we want to celebrate it with you guys. We are inviting everyone to come and join us tomorrow for this celebration. There will be a dress code for it so grab your best swim wear. Make it hot and sexy :) Ofcourse we dont want to bore you so we added 2 contests which will be splitted for 4 hours. 1am-3am SLT will be "SEXIEST BIKINI". 3am-5am SLT will be for couples / partners or even just with a date "BEST DATE" what are the prizes? That will be a surprise so it is for you to find out *winks* Lets make this party blast!!!!! 
If you need to ask something just hit me an IM. Chinaheart Blogger