Sunday, July 31, 2011

Naughty friend

   Nice pants, can I test the zippers?
Hawt! Yes that is so hot! That is me with my good friend Sairemus Arun. F**k ya dude, thank you for participating lol! Anyway he doesnt go on that much now so after taking photos we said our good nights already so I will be posting my stuffs only, just for now. Dun worry I will follow his stuffs when I catch him again haha. I just got so excited to blog this pose and ofcourse my edited photos! Wooooooo....... 

Love me brutal Rawr pose ♥1 Linden
Magika Tessa hair
.:C.Smit:. Shirt Rock n Roll
"what else? lol. The other stuffs are not visible O.O so imma skip them"


SHAPE: Self modified
 DEN-DOU Jiro skin -Ocher- /06 Eyeliner Clean 
Uw.St Al-Hair  Angel shine
Mr.Poet Leather woven pants khaki & belt white
MANDALA Soul Jewelry set /Black- Male-