Friday, July 15, 2011

Punk I'm waiting.....

Yaaaay another weird style that can guide chu >:o Still wearing the same shape. It is my shape for almost 2 years though =^.^=. Anyway just wandering around the role playing sim called City of Concord (east) and i think its the best place for my outfit haha >_<

HAIR:  Magika Hair- Mayra
GLASSES: Cobrahive - Glasses v1
FACE PLUG: Le LOlo - Plug my face
EAR PLUG: [EY:NO] Ear Plug (aquarium)
TOP: Grixdale - Doll House - Pull over
BUTTOM[ ANCAYI ]- Edge low pant R Punkies Jeans
BELT: :SEY DekaLogoBelt "ROCK"
SHOES: The Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) PornStar Hi-Tops