Friday, July 29, 2011

Thinking of you.

First of all I would like to thank Shaniah Levee for letting me blog her. Took me ages to get a good shot lol because she wont rezz on my screen. Shes a good friend of mine and one of the AFK queens lmao.
 This will be a another help for everyone. For the SKIN and SHAPE info? I dont know also •ิ.•ั Ask her personally if you want those info =P
                                            HAIR: LOQ Subscriber Gift - Tiramisu ♥Group gift
                                            EARRINGS: BRB.accessorise watermelon earrings (Poupee Hunt #13)
                                            JACKET: *::HORI-MUTO::* flight jacket ♥Lucky board♥
                                            TOP: DCNY Basic tank tops
                                            PANTS: Kyoot Eibo Trousers (The Season's Hunt #38)
                                            SHOES: ::Duh!:: white canvass slip-ons ♥Lucky board♥