Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good morning

Introducing the ♥Ne௰♥  SeVered GarDeN Good Morning by Berta Avro. This is a whole set of outfit so when you buy it, the teddy bear, waffle on the mouth, coffee, pillow, sleeping mask and even the cute slippers will come with it. The pillow is animated and when you wear it you will have the pose on the first photo. How nice it is huh? This is a combination of being sexy and cute :) This is one of the amazing creation of Berta Avro the owner of  SeVered GarDeN. Visit the store now and browse for more hot stuffs.

 I really really really like this set and I am so glad to have my own with different colors, yay. 
Special thanks ofcourse to my friend Gallyreena Ciarelien for letting me use her cute house :)
"I wasnt peeking when she was changing, I swear!!!"