Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swagger of ELYGO

No one on the corner have swagga like us

This is my style for today *hi5* Feel like swagging across the street "I rule" I love the whole style. This is a new shape and piercing from ::[annaA]:: by Annalesca Ashbourne and it looks good with my favorite skin from Al VULO! The baggy pants and supra wings sneakers from Elygo by Mari0 Capalini completes the whole image and ofcourse the sunglasses can be bought from there too. Grab your own street wear in  Elygo with alot more choices and colors to pick. This is a new street wear store with high quality textures.

99 Elephants Hair "Lori"
DeeTaleZ Hairbase Shaved tattoo chess
::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Gina" ♥Ne௰♥
Al VULO! Skin "Miha"
::[annaA]:: Face Piercing "Joy" ♥Ne௰♥
Elygo Sunglasses_Racing (Unisex) ♥Ne௰♥
Nox. Hoppla Plugs [Lumberjack]
AMERIE - Parka_Ladys(Fur) 
Elygo Baggy Jeans (Blue ) ♥Ne௰♥
Elygo Supra Wings Sneakers [Colorable] ♥Ne௰♥