Thursday, October 13, 2011

My fair lady......

     Inspired by a Korean tv show called "My Fair Lady". Just thought of a rich shopaholic girl with bodyguards, jewelries, luxury car and more about being glamorous. Sad she dont have her assistant to carry all those shopping bags lol. Sorry for those two men I grabbed from google photos hahahaha. 
        Anyway this is a little warm up after having a long break from blogging... 7 days is long for me rofl. Since i got stacked of stuffs to blog I will just show some of the brands that I am working on. For their landmarks kindly click here.
        I really wanted to thank Izzie Button owner and creator of Izzie's for letting me blog some of her great stuffs. The skirt and the bag are made by her and can be bought on her store. These are some of Izzie's new release. Two things I love about this bag are the 6 animation poses and the high quality texture same thing about the skirt, they are resizable. Oh by the way these items got different colors and texture so visit Izzie's mainstore.

::Exile:: Jaela hair by Kavar Cleanslate ♥Ne௰♥
*JeSyLiLO* :::Snow::: *LightSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
(creamshop) Glam earring by SAZAE Yoshikawa
Izzie's Leona Bag tropical by Izzie Button ♥Ne௰♥
[MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/Inca gold & Nail&Ring by 菊之介王子
R.icielli - IVY miniblazer by Fhara Ricielli ◕‿◕discounted
.:C.Smit:. Summer top -Sally by Cynthia Smit - MHOH hunt item
Izzie's  Silk Skirt amber by Izzie Button ♥Ne௰♥
R.icielli - SOPHIA pumps lacedheels by Fhara Ricielli◕‿◕discounted

Photo was taken hereVive Nine and Gorgeous Bratts