Saturday, November 12, 2011

Went shopping at Spirit Land

I really dunno how to start blogging the items from Spirit Land stores because everyday they got new nice items to release >:) All the clothes shown here are from Spirit Store and PurPur. Lets start with this white Liberty dress that PurPur released recently. With this casual looking dress I am sure you'll love to have it on your avatar matching with KristicA Sara boots that is also white =P. Spirit Store had their new knit (Avgustina & Moulin) sweaters which the two avatars are wearing. I also got this elegant high waist Maxona jeans. Dont like high waist? Then lets go low waist lol! These 4 jeans with different style are all low waist. Can fit any sexy avatars. These clothes got different color to choose so visit their store. Check below for landmark :) Enjoy!!!

HAIRS: LeLutkaTukinowagumaLoQ
ACCESSORIES: Artilleri Tres Blah