Friday, December 9, 2011

Men Only Hunt... You serious O.O?

"takes time to load all the images"
I got bored doing woman hunt so tadah! I finished the MEN ONLY HUNT (MOH 12/1-12/17). I blogged so many hunts for woman so now I am helping the men for their good start muahaha.
While hunting I met someone who helped me alot. Special thanks to Ezlathan Korpov who helped me with those no hint stores XD. Thanks dude you rock!
Spread the news woooo, help the newbies with their avatar. Let me guide you :)
Embody Pose  PERFECT TREE by Radagast Lexington BFH 11/25-12/25

=BLAST= chapka by Swag Blast (swag.steamer) MOH 12/1-12/17
[NV] Ju Sweater by isiss Bade MOH 12/1-12/17
Purpur Max Male Pants by Avrora Tutti MOH 12/1-12/17
Splash Snazzy Shoes by Jυllу (jullya.albatros) MOH 12/1-12/17

[LOUD] Winter Cap by デイビッド (davide.zuzu) MOH 12/1-12/17
*JD* Necklace Cross by Joice Dreamscape MOH 12/1-12/17
[ JP ]:dsg Aplomb - Hoodie by Jasper Potez MOH 12/1-12/17
.:Spearsong:. Hellbound Tattoo by Jared Spearsong MOH 12/1-12/17
[NV] Skinny Baggy by isiss Bade AVRCH 12/1-12/31
KristicA Open Belt Men by Spirit Osmus MOH 12/1-12/17
[BedlaM] SEXY Ozstarz Shoes by Seatyn Magic TJTH 11/15-12/15
-DAMNED- SaveTheWorld Planet by DAMNEDshop STWH 12/5-12/31

*X*plosion Beanie by Kaliha Noel MOH 12/1-12/17
.::MADesigns HAIR::. Jay Hair by MADd ( DIMH 11/18-12/18
Chop Zuey Sacrament of Perfection Men's Necklace by Belle Roussel MOH 12/1-12/17
Ducknipple Peno Skull Shirt by beanster Potato MOH 12/1-12/17
Rispetto Designs Faded Black Jeans by Khayman Karlsvalt MOH 12/1-12/17
Shiny Things Painter Shoes by Fallingwater Cellardoor Group Gift

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-Belleza- MOH Skin Gift by Tricky Boucher MOH 12/1-12/17
"I made the shape for this skin so if you want it for free just send me an IM inworld*O*"
[: najl designs :] Karman Skin by NAJL MOH 12/1-12/17

[yulicie] Otavio Hair w/ Cap by Noelle Neaph MOH 12/1-12/17
Quarantine Wool Coat by ŽømßιєPσקçøяη™   (jenica.penucca) MOH 12/1-12/17
=ShirtShop= Red Skull Shirt by Twombly Jupiter VSC 12/1-12/31
::GABRIEL:: Tweed Suit by Takuya Jinn MOH 12/1-12/17

Blah. Knitted Puffy Hat by 星 (hoshi.kimono) MOH 12/1-12/17
Micoolie LOOkwesh Hood by andersonlevis Oberueng MOH 12/1-12/17
JfL Leather Pants by Johnfrancis Laville MOH 12/1-12/17
[NerdMonkey] Dirt Beanie by Thanya Marabana MOH 12/1-12/17
Mustang Trading Post Thunderbird Necklace by Jon Ree MOH 12/1-12/17
Spirit Store Most T-shirt Shirt by Spirit Osmus MOH 12/1-12/17
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] The Line Male Nails by Loviathar Hellman MOH 12/1-12/17

FA Creation Winter Set by halieetus Westland MOH 12/1-12/17
BLITZED Tee by eko Merlin MOH 12/1-12/17
=Razorblade Jacket= Baseball Shirt by Kehl Razor MOH 12/1-12/17
Primitive Design Elapsed T-Shirt by Geyer Schnyder MOH 12/1-12/17

[ bubble ] Behive Sneakers by moonbubble (moonbubble.gothly) MOH 12/1-12/17
Splash Snazzy Shoes by Jυllу (jullya.albatros) MOH 12/1-12/17
FA Creation Mountain Shoe by halieetus Westland MOH 12/1-12/17
LOORDES OF LONDON Oxfords by Maja Signa (coleen.macarthur) MOH 12/1-12/17
[BedlaM] SEXY Ozstarz Shoes by Seatyn Magic TJTH 11/15-12/15

 Advance Merry Christmas to all of you.