Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zombie Hunt 2011

Muahahaha I proudly participated this event called Zombie Hunt 2011. Well this is not a typical hunt that will look for ordinary object nor zombie killing that you will leave it dead lol. It is really cool despite the lag that you may experience during the hunt. Your level upgrades and even your weapons :) I died too many times that made me quit lol. Anyway I got some gifts ^^ and I will join this photo for that event hihihihi.

LOVE SOUL Hair*119-Christmas* by 流依 (bluestarrui.villota) Zombie Hunt Gift 12/16-12/26
RONSEM Swet Top by エオ (eow.reverie) Zombie Hunt Gift 12/16-12/26
SOUP  Fray Skirt by 小林 (suppe.koba) Zombie Hunt Gift 12/16-12/26

visit  Christmas Event - Zombie Hunt 2011  for more information about the hunt :)