Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I do before I blog ♥

Okay heres what I do before I blog stuffs that I am wearin. Ofcourse bond with friends. If there is one thing that I shouldnt miss is that to have fun with them no matter how busy I am. Yup! Thats right! I stop all my things just for them :) Lets talk about the photo above. Thats my mom(Sheba Cyberstar) in Second Life. Yes, the one whos wearing see through  top. Ehhh dont zoom just to see her boobies lol, its so obvious but she doesnt care :O cause shes one hot momma. The one with red is me :) Ill skip mahself lol. The third person is Shaniah... who is she? Oh gosh, another bratty friend. Of all pixels in SL I spend most of the time with her. Shopping? Hunting? Clubbing? and even bore ourselves lol oh I forgot even invading nude beaches lol. Last but not the least.. Ashlyreena... Imma kill her for being spendawhore.. yeah spend alot of lindens and break things up lol. I dont know why the most laggy person like her loves to spend and shop so much lololol even she lags alot. Lag is her karma? lmao, still cant stop her. I just love these girls, loved them for years and will continue loving them. Dont feel so touched, I wont be so dramatic here nyahahaha.
Okay... wont name these guys as part of the G.Bratts cause they might feel awkward haha. The First guy is David.. yep new friend. We captured him from a German club. Pretty nice guy teehee... Just hope I dont annoy him that much cause I talk alot :O The second one is Tuan Quan. Lmao this is our 1st photo after being friends for years. He cheated on me in Go Game but he got lost with another girl bahahaha! Remarkable event for me with him. He is nice and funneh! Hes handsome now hahaha *winks*
Bwahahah mameh wtf are you doing there??? Rushing for photoshoot?
Simply amazing... Taking pictures with shadow is not that easy and fast. I appreciate when these people spent time waiting for final shot. Its not like "Pose and Shot", in SL you have to find the good windlight... not only the windlight but also check if their faces wouldnt be ruined because of the shadows. Love you guys :)
People in these photos: Sheba Bratt, Shaniah Bratt, Ash Harper Bratt, David78 Messerchmitt, Tuan Quan and TintinChina Bratt(me)