Thursday, January 5, 2012

Visiting London

I entered  XYROOM  and got many beautiful stuffs that I liked and I chose a London Style Sim to get my pictures on :) 
Well this is my look for the day wearing all the items from  XYROOM. Each and every single piece of it got good and high quality textures. The sunglasses and shoes can change colors to match your outfit or any of your style. I love bags and you wont see me without it. Yes red lipstick look so great with me because of its sexy looking. I hope you all like it with  XYROOM great deal.

This is the actual skin and with make up added.

[elikatira] Say Hair by Elikapeka Tiramisu Group Gift
Maai "Paula" Skin by Snow Wolfhunter XYROOM
Anymore Candy Drees Makeup by Luciana Button XYROOM
::EnvyMe:: Jessy SunGlasses Punk by Emmira XYROOM
[ PXL ] Mouth Open Addon by Hart Larsson
*JD* Feather Set Accessories by Joice Dreamscape XYROOM
[-yo-] Coat by Yoyo Collas XYROOM
WOoT Bag Flowers (animated) by Joice Dreamscape XYROOM
Candy Nail Air Orange Nails by Peche Bury Lucky Board
Shantal Snow Leggins by Amara Myoo XYROOM
Maai "Gia" Heels (18 sock options) Snow Wolfhunter XYROOM
Fly Lily Aya 3 Pose by Melina Fetuccio XYROOM