Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh my God! your panties are falling!

Lol after a week finally got new entry. Thanks to my friends for doing it with me :) Got stuck on our land... lol. But its all good. Any suggestions where we can rez our poseball? hihihi. Heres the quick preview of some of our new stuffs :)
LoQ Hair Bonomo by Gia Pawpad ♥Ne௰♥ @TDR blue
ShadZ Bob does not care - Flat top sunglasses by Enzo Davies ♥Ne௰♥
AlterEgo Trendsetter LipStick #7 - French Kiss by Toxxic Rhiannyr
SCRUB Death Cameo Earrings by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
SCRUB Black&Gold Cameo Necklace by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
Baiastice Heather Mesh Shirt by Sissy Pessoa ♥Ne௰♥ @TDR blue
Shush Jumpsuit belt by Avy Fhang new
GoK Crimple Pants Yellow by Gok Artis ♥Ne௰♥
Mad Echo Rainbow Nails by Kitten Mai dollarbie
[DDL] Toca Para Mi (Bracelet) by Melina Anatine  group gift
The Plank leLeather - LeYellow (With Chain) Bag by Aeon Perian
Tee*fy Color Blocking Wedges by Azure Electricteeth ♥Ne௰♥ @TDR blue

Lelutka Daisy Hair by Thora Charron ♥Ne௰♥
Tram chain headband by Moca Loup
ShadZ Sexy Bitch - Classic Sunglasses by Enzo Davies ♥Ne௰♥
HUCCI huccih.s.w tank dress by Eboni Khan ♥Ne௰♥
MUSCHI Panties down (mesh) by Debora Stine ♥Ne௰♥
SCRUB Purple Fusion Nails by Ramon Jonstone subscriber gift
Similar Barefeet by Larisa Tylman

booN GGL309 hair by boo Nakamura
Gos Custom Eyeware v3.2 - AVIATOR by Gospel Voom
chronokit Sportswear01 by Kit Pizzicato ♥Ne௰♥
not so bad  mesh VINCE jeans by Emilie Freund
SOREAL Superstars Shoes by  Kwamey Pinion