Thursday, November 22, 2012

When boredom strikes me...

Yes! When boredom strikes me I will do weird things. Here is the result of me being bored. Just got lazy buying,getting,receiving,hunting stuffs for woman so I tried to make a male avatar. Seriously Im proud of myself cuz it ended good looking... at least lol. Then I start searching for new stuffs to buy. Ofcourse imma share all the things I am wearing hehehehe. I also made this shape so if you want it just send me a hot IM lol.
Lets start with the clothes I am wearing... Kal Rau never disappoint us when it comes to quality. Im happy to buy their ♥Ne௰♥ Korea Hoodie-Light Blue. I can also choose different texture for the inner shirt. To match this hoodie... luckily i searched marketplace cuz I found a new good looking item, rare style pants... Yes I love rare and share thousands of people that I saw rare item lmao. Anyways I bought this ♥Ne௰♥ AAHAKEE Carbon Edition pants by Noisia Steampunk. I really love it! besides from being unisex the texture, color and style is really amazing.
[BURLEY] Nayuta Hair DBrown06 by Bella Earst ♥Ne௰♥
Swallow Mesh Eyes (1) by Luciayes Magic
::LEO-NT:: Autumns frozen Soul`s Necklace by Lady Leonard [V.I.P.Gift]
::LEO-NT:: My big Bubble Ring [gold-midnight] (right hand) by Lady Leonard ♥Ne௰♥
::LEO-NT:: Magic Eye Ring [gold] (left hand) by Lady Leonard ♥Ne௰♥
Balkanik 2.0 Vintage BLUE shoes by ZlatanBLK DJannovic group gift

♥Ne௰♥ Metaphoria poses are also ready to grab at the mainstore. These poses are made by Kanno Quartz. I like the random ideas about these poses. These poses really helped me to do blogging with Male avatars hehehe. Visit the Metaphoria mainstore by clicking here.