Friday, October 23, 2015

I feel naked

Exile Voltage Hair
2byte Sweat shirt
Flow Sweatpants drop scrotch 
BLK2.0 No rush male

Spellbound Antisocialite - Angst // Chapter III : Magic gacha
PSYCHO:Byts Apocalyptic Goggles  - Head
Pekka Reckless  Piercing 
Swallow Nisha Septum Ring gacha
REIGN Tattoo Choker- Dark MoonStone
FLite Fly Phone - Modern - Common #9 gacha
Kibitz - Rosie rings gold @Kustom9
Tentacio Molly bag letters @Kustom9
Inhale With Eyes to Hear Tattoo
Foxes - Boyfriend Shirt 
SPIRIT - Kustom9 Jeans @Kustom9 Anniversary Gift
G&D The Italian Style Woman Sneakers Phoenix Flower

You got a girl
That doesn't look a thing like me
The girl, your mother always said it would be
So, you could say that, you could say that
I'm hopeless

But that ain't the girl
That ain't the girl I want you to be
The girl that keeps up
And I see in my dreams
So, you could say that, you could say that
I love her

So I don't care what they say
It's our life life life
We can dance if we want
Make it feel alright
Temperature's rising
I feel the fire
Tonight, it's just me and you

Tell me baby, will you be here when I wake up
Even with no make up
I don't want to fake it

And you don't gotta doubt a second if I miss you
Everytime I'm with you
I feel naked