Friday, October 7, 2011

Wonder who will pick me up....

         Psssssshhh!!!!! Despite of having a slow connection today I really forced myself to show this post and add to my entry. This post is suppose to be posted 2 days ago but my internet connection is down till now! Im so glad I have my alternate way of having a connection but it took ages for everything to load. 
        Anyway lets start with the new skin I got from *JeSyLiLO* Just look at the skin and youll fall for it. I love the slightly open mouth showing its teeth, this skin really attracted me. It has 6 types of make up to choose and 2 options for the cleavage. It also has 3 skin tones so visit *JeSyLiLO* to check them out. This is the feeling of being a teenager but wait till I show you how to make it mature in different ways.
         Wallflower were releasing different new items each week! Whoah! I know this is exciting and here again I will show you their new boots. Isnt it cute? In some places the winter is coming so better be ready even in second life :) More color at the mainstore so visit Wallflower now.
            About the outfit... Hmmmm I got lucky in [ NERD.P ] mainstore cause I was about to buy a jacket there but their lucky letter comes with a "T" so I grabbed them! Oh yeah even the scarf muahahahaha >:) Well here is the complete information for the whole image, hope yall like it. 

*JeSyLiLO* :::Snow::: LightSkin by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
[Elikatira] Break hair - Demo by Elika Tiramisu
[ NERD.P ] 2011 scarf tai type 04 by Mogu Toxx Lucky Board
[ NERD.P ] Gradation Knit Orange by Mogu Toxx Lucky Board
Wallflower Pow Wow Boots by Moxiemayhem ♥Ne௰♥

The photo was taken here: Sheep Door