Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its cold... I know.

Well, after a hard decision I finally left all my blogger groups. Why? Because I will be busy in real life. To be fair enough to these great designers I voluntary exit their group. I love them all. Idolized their works. I will still be blogging and still stalk their stores muahahaha. 
Anyway can everyone smell the scent of Christmas? It isn't about the snow.. the winter... It is about the Christmas that we all celebrate every year. I got this winter Pompy full outfit from SeVered GarDeN made by Berta Avro. I love having winter outfit in Second Life because I know I will never wear this kind of outfit in real life. Its awkward to wear winter outfit in a hot country bahahahah. 
Thank you Berta Avro for everything. Im in love with all your work.

[ Love Soul ] Hair Cap*063* by BlueStarRUI Villota
SeVered GarDeN Pompy by Berta Avro ♥Ne௰♥
-NALA- *HARPS* Sunglasses by Leona (leona.iuga)
Tokidoki Bee Bag by Maya Levane