Sunday, January 15, 2012

Luvin those dots ♥

Polka dots... pretty classic but I know everyone like it. I got this top from Solostah Scientist owner of  Le Lolo and well I can say it is my first polka dot top. I really love it :O and remembered this bag from Septem Essentia and I feel like wearing them at the same time. Can you count the dots? lol
Tokyo Girl released their mesh boots and yeah I am in black and I love black so I will recommend this boots for everyone. It is not because of the color only ofcourse but also with the details and texture.    
Absolutely shouting this new nails from Scrub with zipper design. I love nail arts but this one is very unique. Thank you Ramon Jonstone for the awesome work. I also grabbed those earrings from bellballs essentials while they are still cheap lol to fit my mood today. Weird huh because I am being classically retro in a fashionably new look but it is all cool.

TRUTH Leesa w/ Roots Hair by Truth Hawks ♥Ne௰♥
Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up by Stasey Oller
CHICHI OF LONDON VR Star Glasses by Gaius Luminos S6PPH 01/14~ 02/05
bellballs essentials Oversized Studded Cross Earrings by Viollette Vyper Super Bargain Saturday
Le Lolo Scarf Flowers by Solostah Scientist ♥Ne௰♥
CHICHI OF LONDON Yoko Peace Pendant by Gaius Luminos S6PPH 01/14~ 02/05
...::: Scrub :::... Zip Nails by Ramon Jonstone ♥Ne௰♥
[DDL] Toca Para Mi... (Bracelet) by Melina Anatine Group Gift
Septem Essentia DOT Tote Bag by Silvermoon Ling
Le Lolo Shirt Pulled Down by Solostah Scientist ♥Ne௰♥
DeeTaleZ Cotton Undershirt White Transparent by Steffi Villota
PurPur Gwiri Pants by Morgana Ezvalt XYROOM
Tokyo Girl Mesh Wedge Boot by Circe Ishtari ♥Ne௰♥
(marukin) [Vermillion] Burgundy Fields Pose by Valencia Southard

S6PPH stands for Swingin '60's Peace Pendant Hunt which where you need to look for 6 missing pendants inside the store to win different prizes. Yes it is CHICHI OF LONDON event only.