Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soooooo warming image

I dont know why but this new skin from *JeSyLiLO* plus the the shape from ::[annaA]:: made me like it. I love sad face avatar but this one is warming and I cant stop staring at it :) Now [Acide!] released their new stuffs like the stretch ear that I like alot and these tongues with different logo on it. I love weird stuffs and these tongues is added to my keeps :) Yay for PURPUR store because this shop is new to  Spirit Land and Im showing one sample of their nice clothes and this is Odessa Dress. This dress got different colors too so visit PURPUR now :)
Enjoy everyone.

::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Dhana" by Annalesca Ashbourne GSP ♥Ne௰♥
*JeSyLiLO* :::Lazy Sunday::: *TanSkin* by LiLO Glom ♥Ne௰♥
*Drot* hair - The Tobi - by Doctor Aho
[Acide!] Fuck Love - Stretch ear by AcIde Innovia GSP ♥Ne௰♥
[Acide] tongue Fuck you/Suck my dick/FU by AcIde Innovia GSP ♥Ne௰♥
PURPUR  Odessa Dress blue by Avrora Tutti