Thursday, October 20, 2011



TinTin Firehawk
::Ragdoll's cut:: Rotten Little Bunny ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
!lamb Heart Hair >,< not free
=Razorblade Jacket= Bloody Blindfold ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
:: Delirium Style :: Bloody Face Tattoo Delirium Styles Lil Pumpkin Hunt
[Acide!] Dont eat me (doll on mouth) ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
[SAKIDE] @ Seraphim Casual Tee Group Gift
:::[NEEDFUL THINGS]::: Beware of me (chest tattoo) ZombiePopcorn Hunt 
:: Delirium Style :: Halloween Backpack Delirium Styles Lil Pumpkin Hunt
M O N S Nails, Sugar Cat Group Gift
 :::[NEEDFUL THINGS]:::  Halloween Yummi Bag Group Gift
:: Delirium Style :: Backstabber Tattoo (tummy tattoo) Delirium Styles Lil Pumpkin Hunt
[NV] Madworld Halloween Baggys Group Gift
Urban Bomb Unit UBU PornStar Lo-Tops >,< not free

Vodka Shamrock Apple hair The Seasons Hunt
n-creation Werewolf Yellow Eyes ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[AQ's] face tattoos Through + Broken ZombiePopcorn Hunt
CONCRETE FLOWERS Creepy Crawlers Glasses ZombiePopcorn Hunt
:Hebenon Vial: Inque Piercing ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Nox Ear Plugs ZombiePopcorn Hunt
::Para Designs:: Music fest Tattoo ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[pivaaca] Cable Knitting Vest The Seasons Hunt
KOSH Hangman Necklace ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Epic Bloody VooDoo Backpack ZombiePopcorn Hunt
::SWEET LEONARD:: Bloody Skull Belt ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[NV] Madworld Halloween Baggys Group Gift
Duh! Engineer Boots ZombiePopcorn Hunt

Chinaheart Blogger
TRUTH HAIR Jersey >,< not free
n-creation Vampire Silver Eyes ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Pin Me Down Bloody Tears Tattoo ZombiePopcorn Hunt
::[annaA]:: Slave Soap ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[NV] Madworld Rebel Coat ZombiePopcorn Hunt
.::YoPulga::. Blood Dress ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[Acide!] Perles Necklace American Bazaar Birthday Hunt
Izzies Angular Bangles ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Reckless Death is certain tattoo ZombiePopcorn Hunt
[ bubble ] Brains for the ride bag ZombiePopcorn Hunt
KHUSH Kuggsh boots ZombiePopcorn Hunt

Magnifique Poses Zombie Hunters Pose ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Vodka Shamrock, Den Xevion & Dash Xevion
Special participation of my good friends lol. 
What are they wearing? I dont know either >,< Ask them? hahaha
Just a little reminder. Do not IM Chinaheart Blogger and Vodka Shamrock about hints and stuffs coz they got no Idea about it either. I use these avatars when hunting. "all the work goes to me" -.- Real owners are not aware about the hints. Any question direct it to me (TinTin Firehawk)


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Photo was taken here: Fish Taco Island: Revenging Damned
●I hunt, I blog●
- Sayonara -