Friday, October 21, 2011

"Where am I?...."

Sheba Cyberstar
Okay my mom got bored and need something to do that day. Thank god she let me blog her, keep her company as well. Bahaha with the theme of the place and the pose, she looks like missing or lost... or missing daddy? =P Anyway this is what she is wearing. Im happy she share it. Love you mom.

W&Y Hair 133
Al Vulo! Easy Orchid Skin
Redgrave Eyelashes 31 extra long
Paper Couture Studded Gold Circles Earrings
Gizza Biker Jacket
Luck Inc Undershirt
LG-Concept Sidus Bangle
Ree Gloves Floral
Luck Inc Low Rise Mini Jeans
Surf Co Olea Boots