Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Im a big fan of a natural skins and yes CandyDoll released their new skin named "Adeline". Even my old post I also has their other natural skin named "Jessie" and you can check it here. I love these skins because you can choose what cup size of the breast that you can use which is pretty different from other skin shop.
Mesh? I am not a mesh user but CandyDoll mesh jeans really catches my eyes. I am a ragged woman so I like this one and yay this is my second mesh item so far =P About the undies lol. This one is really fun to use. Very creating idea, it is called the "Boyfriend Pajama" and yeah it is a mens undies worn by woman in a sexy way :) Visit CandyDoll because these items got more colors to choose from their main shop. Thank you so much CandyDoll (rebeca.dembo) owner of CandyDoll for giving us another great new high quality items.

CandyDoll Adeline Natural Skin by CandyDoll (rebeca.dembo) ♥Ne௰♥
CandyDoll Skiny Blue Jeans (mesh) by CandyDoll (rebeca.dembo) ♥Ne௰♥
CandyDoll Boyfriend Pijamas by CandyDoll (rebeca.dembo) ♥Ne௰♥
Wasabi Pills Sebastianne Mesh Hair by MissAllSunday Lemon ♥Ne௰♥
Urban Bomb Unit UBU PornStar Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow

The photo was taken here: Gorgeous Bratts