Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holli Pocket

Everything you see are designed by ·んⓞノノⓘ (holli.thespian) owner of *HolliPocket*.
The red hoodie is a hunt item for ZombiePopcorn and the other one is for Grunge Soul Project.
The jeans are on the American Bazaar Hallo Event and the tattoos can be bought using Gatcha.
Possible tattoos to win are these (Beware, I steal bfs/ Beware, I steal gfs/ Bobbing for apples/ Enter at your own risk/ Eye Candy/ I stole your girl/ I stole your man/ I want to suck your.../ Just lick it, it'll last longer/ Lick my lollipop/ Taste just like candy and Tasty from the inside out/ )

*HolliPocket* Hoodie Tee-Fruit Punch -ZPH
*HolliPocket* Hoodie Tee-Violet- GSP
*HolliPocket* Naughty Nom Tats -Gatcha-
*HolliPocket*  Faded Whisker Jeans-Teal-Amer.Bazaar Hallo Event
*HolliPocket* Lacey Long Top-Strawberry GSP 7.2
*HolliPocket* Lacey Long Tops (more color at the mainstore) ♥Ne௰♥
*HolliPocket* Skribbles Ripples Jeans ABBH

This top can be worn with 2 options. With prim or without prim. With sleeves or without sleeves.
*HolliPocket* Lacin' Love Top ♥Ne௰♥

The photo was taken here: *HolliPocket*
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