Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stare but you cant touch

I feel so happy about my editing result today and I think it turns good. Here I am showing you some new releases ofcourse of our great designers and favorite stores. Lets start with the items that is for sale in a low price. *JeSyLiLO* participated their skin at the Perfect Wardrobe. [Acide!] Added their new piercing at the Grunge Soul Project and .::PiCHi::. also put their new earrings at the FTLO event. Ofcourse if there are discounted items there are also free items that we all love in Second Life. Just need to put more effort tho because these items are for hunt gifts. We all know how does the hunts work and the cute scarf on this photos are gift from Fright Hunt and can be found at the .::PiCHi::. store. .::YoPulga::. also got their items for hunt and that is the Halloween shirt. Oh! and those shoes got 2 days remaining to be free for On The Hunt at the Flax Pye shop. Now we go to the new releases. >.:^^:..Xplosion..:^^:.<  released their Sweet Punk Bracelets with rings and nails. This is a very nice and great accessories because of the quality of the textures and the prims. For the clothing .::YoPulga::. also released their nice skirt with slingshot lol. The slingshot is at the back pocket of the skirt but I forgot to take photo of it XD. This skirt also got different colors so visit their mainstore. For the tattoo Wallflower released this tattoo with messy mascara and writings at the forehead(fucking classy) and lips(bitch). Hehehehe thats it and thank you for reading weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

"LoQ Hairs" Breve by Gia Pawpad
*JeSyLiLO* Fall TanSkin by LiLO Glom Perfect Wardrobe 
.:AlterEgo:. Stunna Shades by Toxxic Rhiannyr
[Acide!] Jam Rouge by AcIde Innovia  Grunge Soul Project
.::PiCHi::. SkullEarring by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) FTLO
Wallflower Classy Tattoo by moxiemayhem ♥Ne௰♥
>.:^^:..Xplosion..:^^:.< SweetPunk Bracelets by Kaliha Noel ♥Ne௰♥
.::YoPulga::. Happy Halloween Shirt by Adelaide Radikal Charm Potion Hunt Item
.::PiCHi::. SkullPrint Scarf by Tissu (zxxrysa.magic) Fright Hunt Gift
.::YoPulga::. Skirt with slingshot by Adelaide Radikal ♥Ne௰♥
Flax Pye :: Sadowara :: Exclusive Shoes by Flax Pye On The Hunt